need advice quickly!

Hi there,

So i passed all my test etc...

Got a phone call the other day ago saying that the role i applied 'aircraft handler' the guy said i could be looking at a two year waiting list, but has been impressed with everyone and said my 2.4km run was incrediable! Therefore has gave me the chance to go for the royal marine commandos!

Im just wondering if anyone can give me tips and advice upon the decision if been giving and what themarines if like?

thanks for this, and apologies for not going through the threads dont have enough time


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So, listen carefully, I will zay zis only wance:

Not sure why you need advice quickly if it's a two year wait for NA(AH), but....

Generally, those who successfully earn a green beret do so because it was their initial aspiration.

If you achieved a sub 9 minute RN PJFT, you are clearly reasonably fit however there's a bit more to it than that as I'm sure you are aware - not least the fact that the jobs are very different. That said, I have seen NA(AH)'s working with Commando Helicopter Force who undertake the Commando Course.

Even if I do say so myself, the PRMC Forum is precisely the place you should be asking questions and conducting a bit of research before changing job choice:

My advice? If you are up for it 100% give it a go, you can always revert back to AH if you fail selection, but...don't go half-arsed because you won't pass PRMC without dedicated preparation.

Good luck.


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Don't know about incredible, but 8 mins 23 secs is about the fastest I've seen. Then again Royal Marines have a two degree incline on the treadmill and do two 1.5 mike runs, a minute apart.
Ah i should be able to shave a a bit of time off come PJFT time!
While I have your ear Ninja.... do you know the roughly the current waiting times for MCD's getting on the PEDA? my RT test and interview done, have my medical in a week!


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Not sure which PDA is being filled at the moment, but unless they put on extra courses or a cancellation pops-up, I'd guess Jan/Feb.

Diver entries are usually allocated in the next calender term - ie a Jan/Feb PDA pass will normally get an entry date after Easter, a March/April PDA pass - June-ish, etc.

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