Need abit of help on the Royal Navy Fitness levels

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by StourbridgeLad, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Been training to get fit for the royal navy but I need to ask you lot who have been through it before on fitness levels in the royal navy. I was briefly in the TA before I broke my collar bone and was told of the standard fitness levels for the army which was expected as a minimum;

    45 press ups in 2 minutes

    45 sit ups in 2 minutes

    1.5 mile under 11 minutes max (800 metre warm up)

    Now I’ve been training to reach these standards as my fitness levels dropped considerably after my injury but I’ve no idea what levels the royal navy will expect from me in regards to fitness and what I will need to reach in order to get through the physical fitness tests. Atm my current levels are

    24 push ups (still working on strengthening my shoulder)

    40 sits ups

    1.5 miles 11:30

    And I’m 22 years old (Male)

    Sorry if the post sounds somewhat newbish and I do apologise if this is not the right section of the forums. If any of you navy or ex navy can give me some advice on this and what I need to aim for then I’d be really grateful. Thank you for reading the post.
  2. Judging you just from the standard of lucidity and grammar of your question, I would think that it would be a travesty of justice NOT to accept you for the RN. Good luck; I think you will go far.
  3. Thank you everyone for the help and input :) it is much appreciated

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