Need a little help and actual advice please!


This was posted elsewhere, but thought this forum more appropriate.

Bit of a random one and I have many a question I can't wait until Monday to have answered.

Looking at leaving and joining the Police.

- For starters has anyone, or does anyone know if you can 'transfer' as such?

- Next question is that I can't actually put my notice in until March, but want to leave (if it all went well) June. (Return of service from killicks course.)

- Final question. Am I actually allowed to apply for jobs without handing my notice in? Obviously I can't put it in until March anyway, so don't want to. But want to apply for the police before their cut off date. 3 days away! Any ideas whether this will have any affect on me at all? I.e. CO giving me a good bollocking?

Thanks all.
1) No. You need to have physically left and have your discharge paperwork.

2) March of which year? You could leave earlier, but only if the service are able to allow it and your unit are willing to take the gapping element (They won't).

3) Unfortunately, no and yes this will have an affect on you (CO will give you a massive bollocking).

You could, however, look at branch transferring to Service Police or, if they'll allow it, look at becoming a volunteer police officer (Doubt it, but you'll need to check).

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