need a but of help


right i wanna join the royal navy or the royal air force i no there completly different but any way just wanna no what i need to do to get in it would be grat if somebody could help


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Lamri said:
That you Chico?

I am rolled up on the floor in waves of pain between choking on my dinner, I can't believe you did that, I haven't screamed with laughter so much in years...In my mind your voice sounds like Mr T............oh God I can't stop... :grin:
Go to your local AFCO, same as for Crabair ;)
There you will find a plethora of valuable assistance, although most of it to be honest from pamphlets :)
Find out from either reading up the pamphlets or looking at the careersy bit on either the RN or RAF websites and make your choice.
Once you go into whichever AFCO, do not let the person you speak to try to talk you into joining up as something you don't want to do or you WILL regret it forever!! He/she will tell you anything to get you to join up as a whatever they need at the time, even telling you that its easy to change once you're in, which it damn well isn't.
Hope this is more helpful Katie


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katie-07 said:
hahah i dont get none an i dont want help like that i meen say i wanted to join the navy what would i have to do to gett in?

Brush up on your spelling for one! :shock:


awww thanx i appriciate that but ive visited both websites an at the moment my heart is set on the royal navy an i phoned up an there sending a info pack out an then ive got to book a appointment at a office in town but i meen like what will i ned to know or be capable of if u no what i meen