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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by andyrik, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. I've chosen 2 unis for next year. Teesside and Cumbria (odd selection :D )
    Pretty sure Teesside's URNU is Calliope.
    Does anyone know if Cumbria has an URNU linked to it and if so which one?
  2. Hey im a member of Aberdeen URNU, so hopefully will see you about if you join, but anyway there are 14 URNU's Which are Aberdeen, Glasgow & Strathclyde, Manchester & Salford, Northumbria Liverpool, Yorkshire (based at Hull), Birmingham, Wales (based at Cardiff), Bristol, Oxford, London, Cambridge, Southampton and Sussex.

    I'd say Aberdeen was the best and whatever you do dont go to wales!!!

    Hope that helps :D
  3. Sorry to thread hijack, but Im going to the university of bath in september. Is the Bristol URNU the one nearest to me? Also, as I am currently in the TA, would I be able to do both, or would I have to choose between the URNU or the TA?
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    You can only belong to one unit (TA or URNU) in a paid role - although Wales URNU had this issue a few years ago with an RMR/URNU chap - IIRC he became an asociate URNU member and stayed in the RNR.

    Bristol is the nearest URNU to Bath.
  5. Right, ok. Do "associate" members of the URNUs just do all the training but are not paid for it? Do they still get the rank of midshipmen?
  6. You're correct, associate members do all of the training but do not get paid for doing so. Also in most cases they do not go to sea (I'm not sure whether this is a hard and fast rule, or decided on a case-by-case basis). They don't hold any rank, and attend drill nights in smart dress.
  7. Ant's as ever spot on, but if you were an associate and RMR (and probably even TA) subject to the permission of your CO (and that of the URNU) I imagine you'd be able to wear your RMR uniform to URNU drill if you wanted. Wouldn't make any difference to the pay, obviously. Wouldn't worry about asymmetry in terms of rank either - URNU Middys are honorary, and thus our rank is emphatically plastic.
  8. I've heard of this being done before with members who are officers in overseas Navys, but are associate members of an URNU whilst studying for a degree in the UK.

    I've not seen it personally, but I reakon that could be good advice!
  9. Ahh ok I see. Could an associate member go to sea and do all the training if he/she wanted to, though?
  10. not if you're not in the service- there is the small matter of insurance...

    Basically, if you're an associate you get to go to all the socials and any drill nights that you want to (empahtically at your own expense). You can also represent the unit at sport.

    You can't, and therefore don't, go to sea.
  11. Actually, further to my last, if you're in the TA that would sort the insurance angle so they might get you away for a taster maybe once a year for the weekend. However, sea weekends tend to be very oversubscribed so you as an associate would have to accept that you would be at the bottom of the eligibility pile behind all the uniformed members.
  12. Right, ok then. When I get to uni I guess Ill just have to make a decision between TA and URNU, as Id like to go to sea and participate in all the URNU activities if I did join. Thanks guys.
  13. The URNU is a good laugh, doesn't take itself too seriously and won't do you any harm if you want to do some reserve service afterwards. It's also a student environment in itself so it might fit better with your 'university experience' (i.e. piss up).

    Good luck with whatever you go for.
  14. Hey,

    I am new to this site, however I am posting in the hope that someone searching for their nearest URNU may find this handy.

    The URNU's are a fantastic way of meeting lifetime friends, having fun, playing sports, travelling and seeing what the Royal Navy is all about.

    I am a member of Glasgow URNU and have spent a fantastic three years with them both in the Unit and onboard their ship; HMS Smiter.

    Should anyone be looking to attend Univerisity in Glasgow and is thinking of joining the URNU then don't hesitate to send me a message or check out their website for more contact information.

    Many thanks,

  15. Amy, are you intending to go into the RN full time as an officer? Its just that I am looking to do this after uni and was wondering whether, in your personal opinion, the URNU was the ideal preparation for this.
  16. Yes I intend to join the Royal Navy, however there are many students who don't. The URNU is all about letting students see what the RN is all about and so if you are thinking of joining up there isn't really a better way of doing so. There are also lots of opportunities to meet full-time Officers and go on trips on other ships in the fleet to see what goes on and how things are done.

    Hope this helps and any other questions don't hesitate to write back,

  17. Brill, I suppose that they help with AIB prep as well? I presume that those lucky enough to get navy bursaries have to join the URNU anyway.
  18. The URNU isn't a recruiting organisation, it's aim is not to make naval officers, but is to take the future movers and shakers of society and give them a good impression of the RN so that when they are politicians they will be sympathetic, when they are employers they will be cooperative with their reservist employees, when they are media specialists they will report well etc etc...

    Naturally you get many students joining URNUs who want to progress to the RN or RNR as officers, and the URNU also serves them really well and gives them a taster to decide whether or not it's really what they want, and giving them an insight into the AIB process and initial BRNC training.

    Irrespective of future plans the URNU provides character-building opportunities you wouldn't find elsewhere.
  19. Brill, Ill defintely apply to join my nearest URNU when I get to uni in September.
  20. As an aside regarding associate members, we had three join YURNU last year as associates through lack of places. Within 6 months the natural wastage of people dropping out when they realise it isnt for them means places open up and all of our associates are now full members. If you did sign on as an associate i would think it highly likely youd been invited to become a full member eventually, space permitting. Put the effort in and the CO will want to keep you/get you on ship.

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