Nearest pub from the main gate/Fish Heads est/ included

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. RNAS Lossiemouth HMS Fulmar :wink: Coulard Bank
  2. Been in there!! On Det. 2 min walk at most? Even though it is now a crab base the payphones still stated the position of the phone was HMS Flumar (early 90's)
  3. The one right outside Portland dockyard Main Gate??????
  4. Green Shutters? Maybe that was second?
  5. First one on the Hard????
  6. Ship and Castle
  7. Nah - gotta be the Avondale surely ???
  8. Wrong city.
  9. Mind u Ship Anson on the Hard would be close too - damn - where's me pace stick ?? :D :D
  10. I thought it was the Ship Anson as well, but perhaps it's changed - a few years since I've been to Pompey.
  11. Ship and Castle is 1-2 The Hard, right on the corner as you come out of Victory Gate, then you've got, or had, Jubilee News and the fish and chip shop, then the Ship Anson, then the Ship Leopard (now closed).

    Wouldn't have a clue about Guzz in fairness.
  12. Jolly Sailor ---when leaving Portland on living site just before the end..................... must have been 30 second walk 2 hour stagger back
  13. I can vaguely picture it now you mention it.

    I used to love the old Ships Anson and Leopard for a DTS on my rare visits to Pompey in the 70s and 80s.
  14. :p The Jolly Sailor??? :? :?
  15. Ship and Castle is 1-2 The Hard

    That's the booger :)
  16. Was it a pub? 8O

    I went when it was RAF Lossiemouth and thought it was a coffee shop! (I am talking 2215 not 9 am here too).

    Congrats to all of you who can remember the names. It was just the 'first pub outside the gates'. sod the name just pour the pint landlord. :lol:
  17. :wink: :wink: Mega pub upstairs and downstairs, Gilf landlady. hey up the bus is comming. Run like mad to catch the bus to Elgin at the stop outside the maingate!!!
  18. The Wheatsheaf at Monkton - anyone??
  19. Used to be the apple tree
  20. Avondale is devenport dockyard

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