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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by foxy3, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. In a similar vein to another thread on bounties I wondered how other units bounty qualification works for NE.

    I'm told that the bounty and number of days required is (can be) pro-rated. However the only ORT available to NE is the Raleigh - NE Course. As such for those that started part way through this bounty year it is very hard to meet the ORT requirement.

    Wondering how the various units do this?
  2. Also in the same vein what is the "start" date for bounty? Is it the day you join your unit as NE or pass out at raleigh?
  3. When I were a lad (98-99) we got part bounty - IIRC this was indeed pro-rata - 1/24th for each day we'd done (which, as NE then meant doing 2 drill nights a week & 2 weekends a month soon stacked up, even in four months).

    Start date's not really relevant, as it's pro-rata but for medals etc. your start date is the day you join your unit.

  4. yay may get a higher bounty than first thought this year!
  5. AFAIK, NE's cannot qualify for bounty unless they have completed their NE course at Raliegh (fulfilling the annual camp requirement) and also have done the minimum number of what used to be called Support Activity (SA) made up of drill nights and weekends. Bounty qualification period starts April every year (this is the 'start date' for bounty). This means if you start NE in March anything you do in March won't count towards the bounty year starting April. Simple so far.

    However; if you start say July this year and plan for Raleigh April next year, this means you're not going to qualify for bounty this year.

    The obvious thing to do is be aware of this and plan on the March Raleigh course. Then, if there's not room on the course or it doesn't go ahead for lack of numbers, you can put in for a 'bounty waiver' thru the unit staff (this is for personnel who have fallen short of the bounty requirements for example by having courses cancelled or not being able to get on them repeatedly) and you will be considered for either a part or full bounty based on the outcome.

    However if you do everything but the 2 weeks at Raleigh in a bounty year and have planned to attend the course in the next bounty year, no dice. Why? Because the 2 weeks then counts as your annual camp for the next bounty year. It'd be foolhardy to pay bounty to NE's who've not completed their 2 weeks as this is the first real commitment to the service. Happened to me - I started December and attended July. The Raleigh course then qualified me in respect of annual camp for that year's bounty and not the year I started, but so what.

    You also should see on JPA the date you joined your unit - off topic, but this date should be your 'incremental' date for moving up the pay scale every year, as well as the date the clock starts for things like your good conduct badge(s) and eventually, long service medal.

    Hope this helps. Of course your NE staff will provide you with (almost) the same info.
  6. My situation was pretty similar to yours - joined Nov 98; Raleigh Jul 99. I got something like £125 part-bounty at the end of the 98-99 training year, despite not having done any ORT.

  7. Interesting. I wonder were the rules different back then, and have changed... anyone get a part bounty recently under similar circumstances?

    I knew one NE got a full bounty but that was defo a JPA error - the person since has dropped out of NE training too. Meanwhile I got two year 1 bounties in a row and had to argue to get the balance of the year 2 bounty paid!
  8. I've heard the same story as you SoylentGreen - I'm applying for a Bounty Waiver to include April's Raleigh class in this years requirement.

    That being said it does seem pretty harsh that depending on when you start pretty much means you can't get the first year's bounty. Makes starting April the best option, September if you really push hard you can get Raleigh done in time, Jan absolutely no chance although you do only lose a quarter of a years commitment.

    I appreciate Raleigh is the first show of commitment but to get to a point where you are ready to go Raleigh takes effort - If you've done your medical, security clearance and PJFT and enough days for a 50% bonus that doesn't seem too much of a compromise.

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