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Probably a silly question, but I haven't found anything relating to this, but what is this? My ACLO just mentioned it to me after it has appeared that I might not get a degree after all having been dicked around by uni.

He mentioned NCE entry backed up by the Military Aviation Studies Degree package as an option. Help anyone!? Figured I could get an answer quicker through here than by email from my ACLO.
NCE = Naval College Entry (i.e. entering Dartmouth without having previously gained a degree).

I'm not sure of the exact details any more, but depending on age and branch on entry, you then get the opportunity to have your training accredited by a university towards an degree of some description (FdSc or similar).
Hi Bug,

This link will take you to the RN website:-

Military Aviation Studies offers you a Foundation degree and BSc programme in Military Aviation. This is run at the Royal Navy Air Stations at Culdrose and Yeovilton and at RAF Wittering. All the credit points you earn during your 2 years of the Foundation degree count towards a BSc honours degree. The BSc is done normally through the OU scheme, it's fully funded by the RN, but you will be required to do your studies alongside your operational commitments within the Royal Navy. You can also carry on and increase it to a Masters degree in Defence Studies and/or Aviation Warfare.

Your local AFCO/OCLC will hold a copy of a careers publication called Military Aviation Studies (F/MAS) which gives you all the details about this style of entry.

Hope this helps




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Thanks guys, told you I could get an quicker answer on here! I'm sure my ACLO will come up with the paperwork etc, but sounds good. I figured I'd have to do the work alongside operational commitments, but if I do get into the FAA then it's not like I'll be having to do watch officer or anything is it? ;)

Sounds good though, will definitely investigate!
I think I'm planning to do something similar, instead of going to uni I'll go into the Military Aviation academy after BRNC and get a degree whislt I learn to fly.



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Just found out that it's new this year, so hence no bugger has any idea about it! It's not just restricted to Military Aviation, apparently there are courses for the Warfare branch as well, so definitely thinking is is the best option as it looks almost certain I'm gonig to be shafted by a certain Scottish University. :D


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Karma said:
You've got to wonder if the whole Foundation Degree frenzy would be quite so effective if they were still called HNDs.
100% spot on.

Other current financially-led further education trends include:

4 year Degrees (which finish in a Masters, which incite no income increase in the job markets).

Trendy titled Degrees which mislead or are downright dishonest. The current one is a BA in "Forensic Science" (spot the irony of it!). The unwitting undergrad then wastes 4 years and is no more qualified to be a forensic scientist than me. Obviously this is jumping on the ongoing CSI vogue.

It was also rather interesting to hear a Government statement released on the day of GCSE results (today) which raised concern over the amount of people leaving school after poor GCSE results and only being offered poorly paid jobs as a result. Hmmn, now let me think: Which is the largest employer that offers low wages to school leavers with poor GCSE results? Sometimes it would be nice if the same Government that looks after education, speaks to the bit that looks after Defence before they issue statements which self-harm.
Ninja_Stoker said:
4 year Degrees (which finish in a Masters, which incite no income increase in the job markets).
The MEng has virtually become entry level in some sectors though, although that was largely driven by SARTOR 97 which elevated the professional recognition standards for engineers. The IEE, now IET, the IMechE and a couple of other institutions pushed for the MEng to be the basic level required for professional recognition of Chartered Engineers.

whilst it won't make any difference to starting salary it does impact on progression in some industries, I know in the Civil and Structural fields you don't get to Senior Engineer without a Charter.


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Indded, a Masters in a vocational degree is relevant, however a BA Masters in Forensic Science is of little use unless you want to teach the next lot of pointless degrees!


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I've been here 5 years! Should have been 4 but that's my own fault...

But speaking iof which I agree with you Ninja, the whole degree system has become somewhat devalued of late. Up here in Scotland it's particularly annoying, as I (should have got) a BSc(hons) in zoology after 4 years, whereas someone doing History of Art in the same time gets a Masters!

To be honest, my main desire to get a degree at the moment stems from the fact that the RN will pay me more if I have one...

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