NBCD's of the year 2010


Lantern Swinger
Walking dead, which has just finished ...it was on FX....i found it fairly decent....

The other guys was a good comedy as well...with will ferrel and mark wahlberg


Lantern Swinger
Unfortunatley I dont think its back untill late next year, i maybe wrong but im sure i read that somewhere. im also fond of the zombie flicks/ post- apocolyptic. I gotta admit my fav at the moment is proberly the Dawn of the Dead remake.


Lantern Swinger
Yeh I see what your saying, it is definently aimed at the people who are already fans of the genre.
I was a little disappointed with the storyline involving "the arm-less man" hopefully, like you said, there will be a decent story to come out of that. I just hope its got the legs to carry on for a few more seasons
My book of the year. I've only just discovered it through the Iphone is called Balls Out: A Physical Challenge.

Rag - Metro. Good for killing time on the bus

Book - A Whispered Word by William Broderick. From 2008 but recently republished. Fantastic tale about uncovering the past of a man executed for desertion in WW1

Movie of the year - Passchendaele. Fantastic canadian flick with an equally good soundtrack by a highly talented canadian pianist.

Drama - RR as expected. Specially once Spacemong appeared

Series - Justified. Rather underrated US action series. Although Im a huge NCIS fan and the latest series was great

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