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Can anyone tell me what (if anything) the NBCDQ35 course is worth in Civvy street please?
Is it one of those courses like the ships diver that meant bugger all outside or is it one that has a civvy equivalent that will be of some use in the maritime world?




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Your 35s course IS worth having outside if you are going into the maritime safety side of life. It is valid for 5 years from date of the certification and when you go on the course, if you have some years left in the mob(as is the norm)then they recommend you dont actually get all your certificates then and there but wait until your last 6 months in the mob then contact the School at Excellent so they will be in date for longer..................................................THEN IN TIME HONOURED MILITARY FASHION AFTER LOADS OF PHONECALLS AND EMAILS YOU GET ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER BACK!!Not that I am bitter and twisted that I got nowt cos I didnt actually require them when I left!:evil3:


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Cheers for the reply, did mine back in 07 and have only been deployed on land ops since 09 so I have no recent experience. Enjoyed the course and had lots of stick as the only Wafu.
I will see what I can do with it when I go out in two years time but as you say I wont ask for it until closer to the time.

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