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higthepig said:
Well said AAC a homeland for gays, brilliant, im all for it, the snag is that would be end of them, how would you breed? Do we forget Soddom and Gommorah?

It wouldn't end - there'd always be immigrants fleeing persecution. Of course if the cause could be found and it could be simply treated in utero (abortion is usually the easiest method) then the community would quietly diminish but I don't think anyone knows the cause of religious hatred yet. When you do, tell Nutty, then he (as Home Secretary for Life) can solve the probs with Bin Ladin and his chums. :wink: :lol:

Higgy, do you think Whale Island will be big enough?
Just had a note from a friend who is a reader here.

Thank you all since I have cum in your cuntry twoo monfs ago, ariving in the toolbox of the bigg siver bird from hy beloved homeland I have receve nothing at all buttrue happy in the form of a council owse and lot`s of shekels, in fact more money than I have ever seen in my life, fuukkin gowd here
I aggrea with all the stories the floggman said but and but now I am here thers no need to let in any more, I think there`s enough here noww fank you all verry much.
Before I left my village I knew I wasn’t doin the wright thing when I saw the hungry look on the faces of the hens and my roof was leekin to much to bear, When I arrived I told the man and he gave me a £500 and coucillin.
I would work but I can`t till I get my urrgint medical attention witch is the only reason I risked my life for you to go there. Yes I feel after I have ad my surjury and people stop callin me “big nose†I will be so better.
Fwank tou all for letting me be a Englishmun you are very good at it and and I promise I will behave and buy the council ouse I gev you as soon as I can.

Isn`t that nice.
It would appear that you lean towards the right and that you are simple enough to believe in a deity (imaginary, all seeing, all powerful friend, who allows all sorts of shit to happen so that you can be tested!)

I hope you get some of your wishes and that you pass the test!
frogman said:
I'm a God fearing white hetrosexual male. I'm English, married, own my own home, and together with my wife have brought up and educated two children, who have now made their own way in the world. At age 64 I'm still working, and have never been unemployed. I served my country in the Royal Navy, and my community as a Police Officer.

Well done the you. Does that bracket and generalise every other similar such person as you? Are you saying that because who you are, it qualifies you to hold such beliefs?

I want my country cleared of the majority of immigrants who have arrived here in the last 30 years, and for a period of five years all immigration to the UK must cease.

So, which of these 'immigrants' do you want to be slung out on their ears? And which nationalities qualify for your 'chosen ones'? White skinned ones, perhaps? What about those who are fifth, sixth and sometyimes thwentieth generation immigrant? Is their blood now pure? DO they qualify to be saved? What are the criteria of your small-minded, Daily Mailesque, armchair ethnic cleansing?

I want the restoration of capital punishment, and I want truly draconian punishment for offenders.

Like what? Have you ever ... ever offended? At all? Gone one mile per hour over the speed limit? Broke some by-law you weren't even aware of? By your yardstick, you'd end up birched for litter-dropping. Ever see what goes on in Chop-Chop square in Riyadh every Friday? That's them immigrants, that is. That's you ... being like them immigrants, that is.

(I'll give you a clue, you jumped up little Nazi. Go visit Ogrish and see what they do to theives in them 'immigrant' countries. And get this - they stone to death women and drop concrete blocks on their bodies (just to be sure) for the most trivial of offences. If you license such barbarity, maybe you should **** off over there and live. It would suit your mindset)

Recalicitrant yobs who fail to comply with common decency must be sent to work camps.

Policed, and funded by whom? I'd assume you'd also want your economy stable and your tax pound to not go through the roof as well? And what do you define as 'common decency'? Bit 'broad brush' isn't it? Do you mean swearing ... or something more horrific?

Prison regimes must be harsh, and offenders must come to fear prison. No visits must be allowed to prisoners. The minimum sentence for burglary must be five years.

So, you'd rather prisoners became institutionalised, robotic dependents, rather than see what they are missing (by visits, for example) and show repentence? Aggrivated burgalry carries a minimum sentence of five years on some tariffs.

The work shy must be made to work, if necessary on community projects.

Define your method of ascertaining if someone is 'work shy'. Try not to suggest people watch their every move, because (God forbid) if someone was to means test your ******* pension, I'd expect you'd have something to say about that. And do let me know who is to run these community projects, how they are funded and who is to provide the training for the offenders to stop them wandering off, misusing equipment or simply just not turning up.

No benefits to be paid.

So, you'll tip thousands of people out into the street, huh? And their next step? Crime. Tell me how this rich country of yours (already a pariah state for not toeing the EU line on policy and with foreign investment plummeting because of it's xenophobic stance) will pay for all of this? North Sea Oil? Down to it's last drop, and foreign owned, I'm afraid. Industry? Shut down, long ago. Your move.

I want the aged and the disabled to receive proper care. Our Armed Forces must be withdrawn from current foreign operations, and we must fully withdraw from the EU.

So, we remove oureslves from NATO-led operations and from the EU (our main trading partners). Who do we export to (without crippling non-EU tariffs being imposed)? What if our island was threatened by say (and it isn't too fanciful) America? What if this country was hit by a national disaster (a nuclear power station accident, for example) Who you gonna call?

All IRA terrorists who escaped punishment as a result of Bliars activities must be summarily executed.

How (considering you've got most of the country tied up in fascisting yobs, perverts and wrongdoers) are you going to carry out an operation as audacious as entering the provinces to re-arrest members of a now defunct political resistence organisation and not completely throw the whole region back into 1972? Has the past ten years of relative peace and prosperity not registered on your atom-sized melon? Ask the people of Derry, Armagh, Iniskillen, Bogside, Divis and Falls Road if they'd like the army back on the streets and if they reckon that the stash of weapons and bomb making equipment that the IRA has hidden as 'insurance' would suddenly rematerialise. Ask them if they reckon that organisations such as Al Quaeda wouldn't waste any time in supplying the PIRA with their means of perpetuating war. ******* idiot.

The whole country must be the subject of order and discipline. Sexual deviants must not be publicly tolerated.

How nice. I take it you mean mentally ill people. Gays? Lesbians? Bisexuals?

Hand up those who think I'm a Nazi!

No. I think you are a reactionary, bigotted **** who needs therapy.

Passed-over_Loggie said:

I hope you have a good reel, a strong line, stronger rod and a bloody tough back!


I am replying metaphorically. Frogman may be a troll (no shit, sherlock) but there are many such ********* on here who would actively subscribe to his (supposed) rhetoric ... like the little Alf Garnets that they are.

Frogman your values and wants/would likes belong to another age.

I suggest that you start reading a different press and possibly start taking a long look at your surroundings.

Your basic problem is in your first paragraph --served the Queen and your country. Both jobs enclosed you in a small self centred world of I'm alright
regular pay and protected pension.

However--------------------the majority of the Uk population work for a living . Private industry is hard work. Government and local government employment is basically job creation and at the moment Blair and his cronies have the majority work force on the payroll.
The rest of the UK population are the have nots and immigrant workers!!

Nazi is shortened from National Socialism
Labour is -----------------------------------------------Socialism.
It is interesting and disturbing to read such powerful conflict of interest and beliefs. United we stand divided we fall comes to mind and the present climate is free fall until the eventual thud.Before continuing let me say this a problem with this kind of topic is the difficulty in sorting the genuine from the stirrers.
However,with Frogman's comments one thing I suggest is indisputable is that the country was much happier and safer under the conditions outlined by Frogman. UK, and indeed much of the world it seems, is in chaos at the moment as many claim their rights but forget their duties and obligations. What would the average , decent peace-loving person prefer, Frogman's world or the alternative chaos.
If somebody fifty years ago told me I would be driving my car with all the doors locked and windows closed, house bolted and barred, children under constant supervision, surveillance cameras I would have laughed and said only in a cheap thriller. That's the way it is though, like it or not.
I have long been an opponent of muti-culturalism, not because I am racist but for reasons I may have stated elsewhere on this site, cultures take many years to develop and to mix them too quickly is like an overdose of castor oil, everyone gets the shits. More significantly, when people from a dog eat dog culture are let loose in a country where the citizens are tolerant and polite, stand in queues and generally considerate towards each other, the outcome is inevitable.It is now at the point of no return without any doubt as to the winners. I would love to read the history books on this part of world history rather than live it.
Charming to read some of the responses to Frogman's statement. Perhaps a perfect example of why the world in in such a state. Maybe the old practice of playing the ball and not the player could be observed whatever but I wont hold my breath for that to happen. Stand by your guns Frogman and make sure they are loaded.
Levers_Aligned said:
No. I think you are a reactionary, bigotted **** who needs therapy.


Well said Levers, couldn't have put it better, but I never saw you as a 'lily livered' liberal like me.


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