Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by frogman, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. I'm a God fearing white hetrosexual male. I'm English, married, own my own home, and together with my wife have brought up and educated two children, who have now made their own way in the world.

    At age 64 I'm still working, and have never been unemployed. I served my country in the Royal Navy, and my community as a Police Officer.

    I want my country cleared of the majority of immigrants who have arrived here in the last 30 years, and for a period of five years all immigration to the UK must cease. I want the restoration of capital punishment, and I want truly draconian punishment for offenders.

    Recalicitrant yobs who fail to comply with common decency must be sent to work camps. Prison regimes must be harsh, and offenders must come to fear prison. No visits must be allowed to prisoners. The minimum sentence for burglary must be five years.

    The work shy must be made to work, if necessary on community projects. No benefits to be paid. I want the aged and the disabled to receive proper care. Our Armed Forces must be withdrawn from current foreign operations, and we must fully withdraw from the EU.

    All IRA terrorists who escaped punishment as a result of Bliars activities must be summarily executed.

    The whole country must be the subject of order and discipline. Sexual deviants must not be publicly tolerated.

    Hand up those who think I'm a Nazi!
  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Not me - its a pity I can't say the same for the residents of the ivory towers in which the corridors of power are located.
  3. I can go along with the majority of what you say.One or two sticking points but im sure we can iron them out.
  4. There can't be many who will disagree with you on those issues.
    I'd stand with you.
  5. You've got my vote
  6. You get my vote. I like progressive thinking.
  7. you got my vote !!!
  8. Can't see much wrong with that.

    Point of interest, I think the Nazis had basically the right idea. The execution was just a little........ extreme shall we say. What you need to remember is that a similar situation was going on in germany to what is happening here. That fanned the flames of fachism.

    Why can governments not learn from the past.....?
  9. becuase they are bloody idiots?
  10. Can't disagree with anything there - you get my vote!
  11. certainly a pattern forming here ...
  12. MY HANDS IS UPcnut.

    I am not God Fearing, but I am ex RN and Ex Old Bill and Ex Commercial Internal Company Fraud Investigator. I'm English, married, own my own home, and together with my wife have brought up and the state educated with our assistance two daughters, who are now making their very own successful way in the world.

    Everything you say is the rhetoric of the far left or right, probally right in your case, but it matters little. You are that little Englander who thinks all todays woes will disappear if Johnny Foreigner returned to his place of 1905.

    Religion is OK provided its your brand, whats that, Left Footer or Evangical Christian, Plymouth Bretheren. No it isn't it is shite and the basis of many problems.

    Anybody is OK provided they are White Anglo Saxon stock.

    Go crawl back in that little hole where mine and others parents thought they had put you in 1945.

    Shout at me as much as you like I am off to Portugal for seven days so I will not hear.

    Issam's I have shit them


    PS I fink I may have annoyed them a tad
  13. Immigration into this country has been with from the start. None of the succesful invasions of these isles changed the character of the people, in the end the invaders changed. All of you little englanders who fear the foreigner stealing your job should look at who exactly are the real scroungers who think that just because they were born here they are too good for manul labour.

    Frogman, if you have any principles I hope you refuse to be treated by any of the "foreigners" who serve our NHS. I bet you are in reality some journo trying to get some sort of story. Only thing worse than a politician are journalists.
  14. Tut, tut, tut. Who will do the work that nobody else is prepared to do for low wages. What about those who have contributed to the wellbeing of this country - the majority. Too much stereotyping going on here.

    Work or Labour camps? Prisoners should have contact with the outside world and I would like to see us follow the sucessful Danish model, which incidentally would include chemical castration of sex offenders as an alternative option to a long custodial sentence.

    Also how does this deter suicide bombers? The problem is not the need for yet harsher penalties, but for the attrition rate to be more favourable towards the law abiding citizen vis-a-vis the offender. Offenders are not deterred when they believe that they are unlikely to be caught - let alone prosecuted - in the first place. That is the real problem and the real scandal is despite increasing money invested in the police the attrition rate has accelerated in favour of the offender.

    What is needed is a national police force with proper efficiency targets and inefficient officers ruthlessly weeded out and sacked. Likewise those who are not willing to serve the WHOLE community impartially, be that protecting the Israeli Embassy or children being physically assualted by their parents.

    I see no problem here.

    We differ in our views on the EU. On the current military situation it would be foolhardy to withdraw from Afganistan at present - relaying the message that the Taliban had defeated us. That will not reduce the number of military casualities in the longer term.

    But not the Protestant terrorists I see! I'm opposed to the death penalty in peacetime (except for treason) so I agree to differ on that point.

    Now that definately DOES sound faschist! Think of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, The Japanese Generals in the 30s-40s, Vichy France, etc.

    Well I would disagree with that, wouldn't I. But then I remember the days when we were NOT publically tolerated. I remember almost being arrested in Covent Garden in 1993 just for kissing another man in public - but the older of the two Constables told his younger colleague not to be so silly. I have since learned that this incident should NOT have arisen as I was apparently NOT breaking the law in any event! So it was probably their idea of a joke. Very funny, ha, ha! I also remember the first occassion when I was beaten up outside a pub several months earlier and naively reported it to the police only to be laughed at by the two male officers on duty who told me to vacate the station. That's why I would, even now, never go to the police for help - but I suspect that is what some of you "moralisers" want anyway. (OK Nutty's different, but sadly he's retired.) :x


    You have succinctly illustrated my point elsewhere on RR why the Police need a seperate section for black and gay police officers and why I personally aspire towards a seperate "homeland" for all the World's gays.

    Incidentally I have also worked full time all my life, barring a period of 6 months unemployment. I could never have fathered any children, even had I had the good fortune to be straight, as I am anorchidic (there, I've said it!). I also have fully paid off the mortgage on my house and given many years doing voluntary work in my free time which includes setting up two national medical charities, one of them registered.

    End of mini rant.

    PS Frogman: So far as I'm concerned you should be allowed to articulate your opinions - I'm annoyed, I dont like most of what you say, but that's by the wayside. That's what liberty is all about!
  15. Well said AAC a homeland for gays, brilliant, im all for it, the snag is that would be end of them, how would you breed? Do we forget Soddom and Gommorah?
  16. It wouldn't end - there'd always be immigrants fleeing persecution. Of course if the cause could be found and it could be simply treated in utero (abortion is usually the easiest method) then the community would quietly diminish but I don't think anyone knows the cause of religious hatred yet. When you do, tell Nutty, then he (as Home Secretary for Life) can solve the probs with Bin Ladin and his chums. :wink: :lol:

    Higgy, do you think Whale Island will be big enough?
  17. You dont really want me to answer that do you?
  18. Oh well, we'll have to settle for Greenland. We can swap it for our oil fields.
  19. Aren't they Ant & Dec's real names?
  20. I thought Gommorah was a venereal disease! 8O

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