Nazi Spies in the Andrew?

Discussion in 'History' started by Como83, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. Just read ‘They Also Serve’, by Dorothy Baden-Powell about her WW2 experiences.
    Written in breathless ‘Girls Own’ style, it tells how she was seconded from SOE to the WRNS in 1942, to track down Nazi infiltrators into the R.N.
    SOE, for those that weren’t around then, was Special Operations Executive; a top secret organization set up by Churchill to set ‘Europe Ablaze.’

    She goes to Plymouth and becomes a Wren, based at HMS Raleigh (Torpoint); this is where Spies are suspected of having already infiltrated into the R.N. Eventually she manages to get into the Service Certificate section to check on previous entrants.

    She then uncovers lax checks in the A.T.E. this is where foreign seamen apparently were inducted into the Andrew (?)
    Surviving a knife attack and uncovering a Spy – Dorothy just ups and leaves the WRNs and goes back to SOE. (?)

    Well, she can’t just have imaged all this, so has anyone any background on this rather incredible guff?
  2. According to R. W. Polkinghorne (Dursley, Glos United Kingdom)

    This book is so badly written, one has to wonder why it was ever published. One can only assume it was vanity. Do not be mislead by the authors surname, this is just a piece of self aggrandising prattle. It has absolutely nothing to do with what really happened during the war, and is just a silly "name dropping" piece of nonsense. Half the stories are very selectively remembered, including a friendship with a submarine commander awarded the V.C.(true) that leaves out the fact that he was also indicted twice for war crimes, WRENS who do nothing in their spare time except read Shakespeare to each other, and such other japes. I'm sure the author believes she won WW2 single-handedly, but leaves me aghast at how arrogantly the `hoi-polloi' remember the war years . They seem to forget that nowadays we can research everything online for ourselves, and sort out the chaff.

    So ther you have it, not impressed. Source Amazon (UK)
  3. Surely it would have been easy to spot Nazis. You're not allowed furry top lips in the RN (unless you are a WREN) - so any Hitler type face fur would be spotted by the Joss.
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sounds like pure fiction by a female Walt to me. Jenny goes along to the Cdr(S) and says she is on a secret mission, don't say anything to the Chief Writer, but please put me in the SC office ..
  5. I'd tend to agree, SOE was all about getting people into Europe to conduct operations, the task of tracking down targets in the UK was given to the Security Service. From what's in the public domain it doesn't appear that the two had any significant links.
  6. Thanks for the feedback and glad to see that I’m not alone in feeling that this book should never have been published

    With its anti lower deck attitude and many inaccuracies, if not lies, this CR-P is an insult to those who served in the R.N.

    Our local library has an extensive WW2 section; I’ll ask them to remove this book.

  7. Censorship of books due to dislike of Nazism?

  8. I'm not convinced that you can ask a library to remove a book because it's badly written fiction.......

    The shelves could end up very empty.
  9. The Duke of Windsor was rather partial to a bit of Seig Heiling, wasn't he?
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Must run in the family... 8O :oops:

  11. So too Great Nephew Harry Wales
  12. Nah he's a Party Nazi, if there's no dope he gives you a wicked tune up innit! :thumright:

  13. So when and where was this work of art published and is the author still with us so we can royally take the pi$$?

  16. Just checked the notes I assembled at the Mod in London, and found out a little bit more about this:
    July 4th 1941 - a caique and schooner, both flying the swastika sunk SE of Douro Island, full of troops. Sunk by "one sort of gunfire or other".
    July 9th 1941 - four caiques and one schooner sunk by gunfire between Kithera and Antikithera Island. The last caique was about to be boarded when a Nazi about to throw a grenade was shot. One of the boarding party shot another, then the machine guns finished the job off. So this lot were a bunch of die hard Nazis who were prepared to go down fighting, and did.
    Apparently CINCMED raised no doubts, and neither did the local Captain SM. Some eyebrows were raised in London, by FOSM and within the Admiralty. The VCNS gave the final verdict "The man on the spot must decide what is necessary at the time."
    Seeing as these sinkings were carried out against ARMED TROOPS, and denying their presence to the battle on Crete, I personally regard talk of "war crimes" as a load of nonsense. Did no one kick up a fuss when Japanese survivors were strafed in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea ? Methinks not.
    And they seem to have forgotten the atrocities commiited by numerous Japanese and at least one U-Boat in killing survivors after their ships were sunk.
    I have a photocopy of the patrol report if anyone is interested, PM me.
  18. [/quote]

    Is this the incident you are thinking of in the Bismarck Sea action?

    "At 10:00, 13 B-17s, led by tail number 8160, reached the convoy and bombed from medium altitude, causing the ships to disperse and prolonging the journey.

    Then 13 Bristol Beaufighters from No. 30 Squadron RAAF approached at low level, to give the impression they were Beauforts making another torpedo attack. The ships turned to face them, and the Beaufighters were then able to inflict maximum damage on the ships' anti-aircraft guns, bridges and crews, during strafing runs with their four 20 mm (0.787 in) nose cannons and six wing-mounted .303 in (7.7 mm) machine guns."

    Not quite strafing lifeboats.

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