"Navy's Gay-Friendly Efforts Make It One Of Britain's Top 100 Employers"


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Like I say, I know about the epaulettes but it was the shoulder flash as shown on the piccy on the site I was asking about
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Navy and RAF among top 100 employers of gay people

Ministry of Defence said:
The Royal Navy and RAF have both been ranked amongst the top 100 employers in Britain of lesbian, gay and bisexual people for 2012.



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I just wanna know why the fat bird with the big shonk has mud all over her blouse, did Monty disagree with her point of view and sling shit at her.:laughing2::-D
Rumrat you know nothing! That's the new Houses of Parliament DPM rig for when MPs go out an about to meet real people. If it all goes well then there is no problem, if it all goes to ratshit and they get stuff thrown at them it doesn't hit the headlines! Simples.


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Maybe there should be a another 'gay' thread in Lil's to let the auld yins get it out of their system once and for all. :roll:
Seems a lot has changed since 'Winston's (Churchill) time..

Rum?....no more
Bum?....perfectly legal, some would say encouraged....(joke...honest :-D)
Baccy?...well it's bad for you and discouraged...no more blue liners...

And the fair (?) sex aboard ships?.....in my day you had to smuggle them on board.....lol

Change is good?....perhaps but the transition I am sure has been more difficult for some than others it would seem.....


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What is there to be proud of.. The navy is meant to be a fighting force, I really couldn't give a shit if gays are happy there or not!!

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