"Navy's First Female Senior Observer Reaches Another Milestone At RNAS Culdrose"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Same PR pic as when they reported her to be the first female SOB's!!! For a moment I thought I was reading regurgitated news!!!
  2. That hair style is defo Star Trek Next Generation.
  3. Well, I've fixed a bit of their journalistic nonsense for them :smile:

    They must be really hard-up for a story in order for them to write so much about a complete non-event. I find it a bit galling that everyone nowadays must be on their best behaviour to ensure that no sort of sexual discrimination exists anywhere, ever, and yet here we get to hear about someone who has spent 3000 hours sitting in the back of a helicopter, just because she's a she.

    Maybe I'll contact a suitable ombudsman and get them to redress the balance by writing a story of how many frequent flyer points I've got by sitting in the back of an airliner.
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  4. Come on pontius, the PR machine is always looking for any excuse to go to print, you may find the woman would rather they Fox trot Oscar and let her get on with her job instead of being rolled out as someone special every time they have a gap in the press to fill. She may enjoy the limelight for a split second, she may not.
    She will know she may be the first female to achieve X,Y & Z but as a WAFU not the first winginer girly ever to fly, but what they are reporting on is just normal work.
    I saw in Drake on divs some young SA and Wrts get awards for doing their jobs well and turning up on time? I thought what the hell as the navy come to? PR crap
    :cuddle: someone today and be happy
  5. Be fair lads, after all it is a local newspaper covering Kernow, good luck to her!!
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  6. You're right, there is frequent mentions in the local rags of aircrew achieving milestone flying hours and the like, this is no different other than the fact she is female for a change. I've crossed paths a few times with her at junior rate and officer level and she's always came across as down to earth so fair **** to her for doing well in a male dominated environment.

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