Navy Vets get binned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dhoby_bucket, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. That's local government for you, they get forced to do things by central government, and to get their own back they kick the nice guys in the balls.
  2. Wouldn't a good site for these 'travellers' be the empty camps in Afghanistan - all the facilities should be still in place ..... ;)
  3. It really is amazing that these so called travellers are allowed to settle on permanent sites. Normally with no planning permission!!!
    No doubt the site in question with its social centre will now become a permanent residence for these travellers.
    Still, if the navy veterans speak nicely to them they may be allowed to use the social centre.!!
    Do we have ooman rights, at times I think not.
  4. I don't know if this has been posted on Arrse yet? It might well be worth making a post on there as well.
    I am posting it on my own website.
    It is not just Nu Liarbor that's responsible for this it is also by directive from the E.U.
    Just wish that some "Travellers" would pitch up in Islington or Primrose Hill. I don't think that there would be so many cries about their "ooman rights" then.
  5. There's a nice space accross from the houses of parliament now that it's illegal to protest there. Why not turn that bit of grass into a traveller's camp?
  6. The reeason the RNA is being booted out is that the council selected their site as it would create the maximum publicity etc. This is not because of an EU directive it is because some councilors chose to do it this way.

    EU and HR are just a smokescreen from the council to cover the reality they chose to use that site for the travellors.
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Gordon Mugabe's priorities writ large - Vets harbour anti-Soviet attitudes.
  8. Why do we have to provide sites for travellers?
    If you choose that mode of lifestyle you may have to put up with the fact that counciltax payers may not want to fund your lifestyle. as that may include cleaning up after you. Especially, as we may be fined under various anti litter/ environmental laws wheras travellers seem to be immune from prosecution.
  9. I tend to agree that these travellers need a permanent solution to their situation. Even more importantly - those people who are regularly affected by their presence need this too but FFS it smacks of absolute stupidity to give over a site, against the wishes of the locals, which has been well used for decades to maintain community spirit.

    Offering to negotiate on an alternative site doesn't cut it as a replacement. You simply can't replace the history that will be lost if this move continues. Shame on Gravesham Council. This has to be stopped.

  10. Just as important as stopping it the cynical reasoning used by officials and councilors to select this site needs to be exposed so that the individual councillors responsible for the descision are never elected again.
  11. As bad as it seems, maybe all is not lost. They may get a new hall out of it.
    Still a terrible blow to the community though.
  12. If this sham of a decision goes through, I hope the RNA building accidentally has a catastrophic fire, so the remains are of no use or value to the tax-dodgers being placed there
  13. I have just read this in the paper today, although not RN myself, I find this an absolute disgrace. Having said that with that particular council nothing surprises me.

    A couple of broadsides across the council bows would not go a miss, but which ships would you use to fire them from.
  14. The local landowners got so threaders with it around here they have now resorted to digging deep-wide trenches to prevent them getting their caravans onto their land. I guess it was the black bags full of human shit thrown over the fence when they left that was the final straw for some!!
  15. Or they could turf out the 'gold plated scroungers' from the biggest council house in Europe. There is plenty room round the back for the pikeys to park their luxury carvans and BMW X5's.
  16. Latest Christmas present for "travellers"? Bridging equipment being sold cheap by the Army!

    Keep Striving.
  17. If they're "travellers", why don't they travel? What do they need a permanent site for? Why not just settle somewhere and pay full council tax etc., like the rest of us?
    F*** in' freeloaders.

  18. Cos they're now settlers not travellers lol
  19. Whats all the fuss about ?? these travellers are lovely people as you can read here..Irish Times

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