Navy to downsize to 20000 by 2015

I've just gotten this little gem from a superior, allegedly from the mouths' of Fleet HQ. There is some truth to this, in so far as it has been briefed to the last CO desig course. It has been mentioned that redundancy packages of 3.5x salary are to be paid- predominantly to SRs and junior officers.

Is anybody able to add any truth to what may just be a strong rumor?


Downsizing to 15000.

Redundancy payouts - not so sure. I haven't heard anything other than the fact that redundancy payouts on a scale of the early '90s are not affordable.
You are still providing that World Class Navy in the Business Plan. You will be downsized again and again until you stop being an over-achieving embarrassment to Noo Labours Kool Britannia!


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I hope this is a windup...but I fear that it does tie in with the idea of shutting one of the naval bases.

Does this figure include the Royal Marines?

Why aim redundancies at SRs and Junior Officers and not Senior Officers...?

3.5 x salary is crap. This worked in the early nineties as, for example, £35k x 3.5 = £122.5K, which in those days was enough to buy a nice house. Now it would possibly buy a onr bedroom flat, so therefore it is a rubbish deal, especially combined with the loss of the ability to get an immediate pension.

I do hope this is a windup. I would vote for any party that would stand up in the House of Commons and commit itself to a proper naval policy, rather than one which ignores its defence reviews as soon as the spending gets tight.


Once you hit 20K it's pedalos all round, there'll be no grey line left. Just rows of yellow ducks, And the odd black turd surfacing now and again!!!


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Interesting how the most powerful armed force known to man only 60+ years ago may now shrink to a figure that could be wiped out in an afternoon. :roll:


An old Jaunty of mine attended a Naval Manpower Lecture in the early 70's. The audience were suprised to hear that the navy at that time would not 2/3rds fill Wembley Stadium. We were shocked!! Things never change with the Gummint.
I am ashamed, to think at what progressive governaments have done to our once mightly Navy.

Yet, even with out deminished size, they still want to fight the worlds battles as if we have a Far East Fleet.


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