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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Creddly here!

I know I haven't been on in a while but there's been no news really!

I just gotta wait until the 8th May now for my Aptitude test!

Anyway, in the practice booklet they've given me, the first 3 tests, the Numerical, literacy, etc I've got every single one right!

But on the Mechanical Comprehension, I got 3/8 which is really bad! That's 37% correct - that is shit!

It's the same in the book I bought! Correct on all the other 3 but on the Mechanical Comprehension, I just fail all the time!

Is there any way of improving for the test which is 4 weeks tomorrow?

Because I can't see them letting me in as an Engineer, Submariner or not with very little pass rate on the MC even if I have every single one right on the other tests.

Thanks in advance!


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Hello there Creddly, glad to see you back mate.

You're not going to like this fella, but if you struggle on the Mechanical Comprehension part of the test, then maybe becoming an engineer isn't for you. You may well find that the AFCO recommend something else, maybe something that you'd be better suited for, and although you don't know it yet, something you'd be happier doing.


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You might want to try getting hold of a psychometric practice test book called "IQ & Psychometric Testing" by a guy called Phillip Carter- practice it against the clock or not at all. (If he, Mr Carter, reads this posting you owe me some blummin' commission bucko). There is no pass/fail mark in the Mechanical Comprehension section of the test but you must get a total of approximately 2/3rds of the total of 120 questions correct. (Minumum 1/3rd correct in the literacy section & minimum of about 2/3rds in the numeracy section). If you score low in Mechanical Comprehension, you need to score high in the other three sections to attain an overall mark of about 66% correct to be selected as an engineering technician.

Hi creddly
looking on the net for you and found this on mechinacal comperation and throught that this might help
Most of it is gcse phycis, eg forces, cogs, ratios, etc etc.
try bbc bitesize on the web and bbc 1 late night it worked for my other half on the maths front when she went for the test.

Also look in a haynes manual at the tools section this a hint to some of the questions on the test I did.

hope this helps
any questions ask and I will try to answer :lol:



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I think that llittle training can be given to on mechanical comprehension to help you, as it is an innate thing. I saw my class's Recruiter scores some 20 odd years after they were taken. The resuts aligned very well with actual performance and achjievement.
Thanks for the responses fellers!

A lot of the problem is my selective reading!

I just glance over the questions without reading them properly and of course then my brain just makes the question up itself which is causing a lot of problem!

I know if I'm struggling with Mech. Comp. I shouldn't really go for Engineering, but it's something I really want to do!

But then again, I suppose we can't have everything we want in life! lol

Well I'll just see how it goes!

I'll make sure I read the questions in full when I get to AFCO for the test!

Thanks again!
Mechanical comprehension isn't necessarily something which is given a lot of attention in everyday life. It's no surprise that your practice didn't turn out too well. Mine didn't either, yet got 'well above average' in the real test (whatever that means!). The trick with MC is to read the question properly, liken it to something which you understand, think back to GCSE physics and failing that, guess. Guessing might not show an aptitude, but it will get you over the first hurdle.

You'll be asked what tools do what job (i think i fscked that one up big time. I was asked which was a wire cutter and none looked like anything I ever used in electronics lessons). You'll be asked what a certain car part does. You'll be asked some basic physics (mine involved bog roll!). Basically, the best thing you can do is buy books that have been suggested (I bought this one, but it's not only MC) and practice against the clock. When you answer, look up the answers in the back of the book and really try and understand why they're as they are. Use the internet, there are some mistakes.

Don't be put off though, you're just trying to show you can be taught.


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Credders: If you spend as much time on learning mechanical comprehension as you do on your very nautical signature, then I'm sure you'll be a Tiff in no time... :roll: :wink:
I've got that book Snappy! lol

I bought it as soon as you recommended it!

And Calvin, I couldn't find that book on that link!

I'm just gonna have a practice in that book Snappy, a week before the test, also try to find some websites where I can see some common physics questions!


When I joined there weren't any of this meckinal condensation stuff. It used to be "Port Watch, hoist the m'sail, you scurvy dogs". I was keel-hauled many-a-time for being slack in turning out of me hammick. Ah, thems were the days.


I used the BBc bitesize website for gsce revision. the science sections were really useful. But Snaps advice to read the questions fully, is right on the money. I read each one twice I only completed about 26 of the questions and still got a decent score to be accepted for ETME

This is the link

good luck fella


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One thing the AFCO doesn't test you on is your ability to watch midget porn bukkake DVDs at 7 in the morning. :twisted:

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