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I am thinking about teaching English overseas and was wondering about the best way to go about it – where to do it, whether to take private classes or apply to a school, whether to go alone or take a friend, how long I’d need to be away to feel like I’ve had an experience…Basically everything to do with what would be a horizon widening trip! I am fluent in French, German and Spanish (and have English as my native tongue) and so really do have a lot of choice. It would be my first time travelling away from home and so I’d like to stay in Europe for now; if it all goes wrong, I’m not too far away to come back! I have worked in one of the many escuelas de ingles en Inglaterra based in London teaching English to Spanish people. The experience went very well – I like their culture and found them all eager to learn – and so I am thinking I may start my travels in Spain, to find a city I’d like to settle in to work. I will be investing in one of the eurorail passes so I have some flexibility when looking for my future (albeit temporary) home. I’ll start in Madrid and listen to recommendations – I understand Salamanca and Valladolid are close and so they are likely to be on the visiting list. I’d also like to see Andalucia as I’ve heard the culture is very different there to what it is in the North. If anyone has done this before (or knows of any big Spanish university cities), please, let me know your recommendations!

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