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Navy Tattoos

Hi folks...

I'm currently part way through the entry process for the Navy, & although I'm being a little premature here, I'm way excited!! I've wanted to join for the last 10 years & certain things have stopped me... but now I've waited long enough & I'm hoping to be a marine engineering tech eventually.

So, assuming I get in, pass basic, & pass out, I'm going to get a tattoo to commemorate the event, & I was wondering if anyone has any good pictures or links of naval themed tattoos? I've had a look on Google, but they're all rubbish!

I know the favoured response is usually sarcasm on this forum, but please try not to rip me too much on this one if you can help it guys! :roll: :bow:


War Hero
stimps said:
Spidiver said:
Get 2 stokers badges tattoo'd on yer ass, one on each cheek

i thought that was the usual initiation for stokers anyway :lol:

Indeed the "Holy Prop" may only be 'affixed' after completion of phase two training, for 'tis written...
Some of the best I've seen are:

"Blood group 100% proof" (it's a marine thing)

And snoopy holding a match peering up your ********, mind you the full hunting scene with redcoated riders and horses with the fox's tail disappearing up your arse is quite impressive.


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There are a series of pictures on t'interweb of a roughy toughy matelot who not only has pierced nipples but has a big fcuk off goldfish tat. It made his eyes water, he was in tears during the procedure ( five and a half hours). Don't copy him, he's a c0ck.


When still paid in cash it was ''Pay please'' on the side of small finger right hand that could be seen when saluting and ''cheers cnut'' on the palm of left hand outstretched for the beer tokens. :)


Surely it has to incorporate an anchor? Why not combine it with something else you have a strong interest in? You'll probably get a bit of a ribbing for being stereotyped, but it's your body.


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Believe me you don't become 'Jack' by having a tattoo. It takes years of practice. You get there when one day you don't give a toss about it any more. It's called growing up.
(granny) said:
Believe me you don't become 'Jack' by having a tattoo. It takes years of practice. You get there when one day you don't give a toss about it any more. It's called growing up.

erm yeh ok granny. thanks for that. getting a naval tattoo, or indeed joining the navy, is not about 'becoming "Jack"' for me... so if that's the impression you got then you're a bit of a misguided wanchor!

thanks everyone else for the suggestions... i'll bear them in mind :lol:


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Me and a pongo mate of mine got pissed and that waas the out come. He got a Kings own royal border regiment tattoo as well. But the regiment had been amalgimated a good 12 - 18 months prior. It was an ex para who did it as well. So im quite impressed its not totally stupid. It was cold when that phot was taken there goosbumps its not normally that 'dotty'.
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