Navy Taekwondo No.1 Tom Springall

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by oxy686, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Looks like he's wearing a WTF uniform but sparring under ITF rules. Any idea which he is?
  2. I love it when people kick during a fight; nothing says "punch me in the bollocks as hard as you can" than some fairy lifting his leg to you. Gayers
  3. Bruce Lee speaks :roll:

  4. That may just be the gayest video I've ever seen.
  5. There goes a man who has never had a fight. I've fought officially and unofficially for many years and in MMA never got KO'd by a kick. Limited martial arts are effective and entertaining to watch when put up against another restrictive style, but mix it up with more thorough styles (krav maga, systema, MMA) and a kicker will soon learn to stop kicking.

    I'm not an idiot mate, I was just illustrating my disdain for prancing kitten, flying humming bird styles.

  6. The only guy I've seen (competition) knock folks out with a kick successively was that Ukranian? nutter crocop.
  7. Mrko Crocop, who now routinely gets filled in by floor fighters. I find the best way to counter some homo dancing around in front of you doing all his Honk Kong Phooey chad is just to punch him fully in the ribs just below the armpit and watch him spin around on the floor in agony. Sweet poetic justice.
  8. I like the 'Begin to explain the situation calmly with a non-threatening body position and then pummel them' technique. Particularly good when utilised during the break-up of a fight. Hilarious.

    not to be confused with the 'Wet yourself and cry on your knees until they turn their back and then tackle them to floor, thrust your thumb right up their bagel and begin licking their ear and sniffing their hair' technique. It's great fun and they'll never come near you again.
  9. I like your style. I also enjoy calling the bluff of civvies who seem to think a dust up comprises of standing just behind their mate, shouting and gesticulating wildly and asking said mate to "hold them back."

    A palm to the nose normally shuts them up.

    "Hold me back, I'll have him!"
  10. Nowt wrong with the old snap of cartilage into the brain. In a real life or death situation, all I do is rip off my shirt and lick my nipples. Apart from being ripped, the shock tactic of running at them while holding and licking your boobs, coupled with a gradually falling pair of trousers works wonders. Add into the mix some bright white XL skid-marked panties and a full-blown semi poking out the buttons and you're invincible.
  11. There goes a man where? Oh, you mean me? Sorry to disappoint you mate, but I've been training in martial arts for 22 years, won medals in sparring at British, European and World level (Taekwondo), and spar MMA, Muay Thai and Sambo fighters on a regular basis. I use head kicks more than any other technique. That includes KOs in the ring and on the street. Hasn't stopped me kicking yet. You might not like kicking styles, fair enough, but that doesn't mean they're automatically useless.
  12. That first one is fcking class! I laughdid

    Have a look at this for my favourite fat bloke fighter in all history (watch he first 2 minutes or so);

    I've been punched by that fcker and it feels like you've been hit by a hammer into your kydneys and lungs at the same time. Nice bloke too
  13. Fcuking awesome.
  14. Prancing around in your PJs is pretty pointless in our line of work so may i suggest something a big more effective.

    Option 1

    Option 2

  15. Option one he drops his magazine; what a puff.

    I'd go for option 3 which is the tramp fighting style pictured in your avatar. I know that style when I'm wasted
  16. That first vid is from the movie Never Back Down.
  17. Absolutely loved the ancient windmill technique in the 2nd one. Doesn't matter how big they are, or how many of them. It works every time!
    Please check out -

    and this one is my instructor.

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