Navy`s new Ship

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Then of course as it escorts the yet to have plate laid CV's it will need its own AS escort cos they have not given it any AS weapons.



I am well out of date these days but isnt the helicopter ASW?

There was a lady sailors picture (Commander)in the same article with a job desciption of logistics director, would this be a modern job title for supply officer?

Another thread over on the Waffoos page stated that these helicopter only carry lightb weapons which they state would only damage and not sink a SSN. Of course if the helo is non serviceable, the pilot sick or the weather to bad for flying then no A/S weapon who's effectiveness is debatable. Sounds it bit like eggs and one basket.

After the T Class SSN's are scrapped we may only have 4 Astutes. With the best will in the world only one will be operational so will that be tied to Task Force defence or on other operations.



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Task force defense? with only one ship 'cos the carriers? never got built?

OK they (the Admirality are saying yes we'll have them but there again, it's a bit like telling the 5 year old that 'of course he can have a new all singing all dancing go cart' (well you don't intend to give it to him, cost to much but it will keep him quiet for the next few months whilst he changes his mind)

And today THE NAVY's new ship is just sailing for the Falklands according to the 'Metro' (the Clyde) now that's about our present standard - and it ACTUALLY exists - I can relate to that!

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