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hi all im waiting for my join up date and wondering what the score is with rugby league in the navy as i used to play abit while in the army and would like to get back playing (that is if im not to old) oh and by the way are there any other rugby league fans on here
Cas fan here halliwell gutters....yes you will have plenty of opportunity in the RN to play the 13 code. RN side play in amateur conference cup each year so you may get to play against some of your home town mates.
The fact that RL is now recognised as a sport in the RN is a good thing. I was an amateur on the brink of turning pro in 1983. At that time RL wasn't recognised & every week I had to get a request form for permission to play, every week i got stick from my DO & the PTI. Even one of Maurice Bamforths relation was given regular abuse about RL not being a sport.

I played in the same team as Dean Bell & Clayton Friend.


Hi Gutters, Glad to see another Fan of TGG on the forum.

RL in the Services is one of the fastest growing sports. Rugby League in the RN was officially recognised 10 years ago. You are lucky in the fact that once you get to Raleigh the RNRL head coach Wayne Okell is the WO PTI.

Are you expecting to be there this year?

The RN team have just returned from their second tour to Australia, winning 2 out of the 3 games played.

The average age of the players in the senior team is 22/23. We do run an Academy side and a number of Ships and establishements also run teams. THere are lots of opportunities to play.

The Babcock Interservices Tournament opens on September 7th at Burnaby Road, Portsmouth when the RN take on the Army. The RN will be looking for their 3rd straight win over the Army.

PM me if you want any other info.

hi guys thanks for your replys well im waiting for my join up date but the waiting list for my trade is 12 months im joining as a SA or what ever they are called this month ive played abit while in the army i left in 2003 and the team i played acouple of games for was the ipswich rhinos in the summer conferance i also played abit of rugby union whilst out in germany for our workshop team. I used to play on the wing for ipswich but now im getting on abit i prefer playing hooker. So did any of you guys watch the mighty Wigan get a just derserved beating off the frogs yesterday it was a good game and i cant wait to go and watch the wolves do the same on sunday (i hope ) anyway if you want to chat more please feel free to pm me
As perrym says, the first thing to do when you join Raleigh is talk to your PT staff and get your details to the Warrant Officer Physical Trainer. Same deal as in the Army buddy, they'll get you all the information you need. Good luck and enjoy life in the Andrew!

KP :bball:

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