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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by chockhead819, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. last week i emailed the RN website to see if we could have some sounds etc for our mobile, today they answered that it had been done.

    Ringtones / wallpaper

    only trouble is they want to charge 25p a time pity they forgot if you right click on the link & save as.. you get the mp3 file for nothing & as i have a usb cable that works my phone its free.

    They have
    call the hands
    action stations
    hearts of oak by the RM Band

    hope they dont come on here!!
  2. Ha! Genius.
  3. Cheers Chocks. All retrieved. :wink:
  4. Cool!

    I too now have a salty ringtone thanks to this pearl of wisdom!!
  5. Cheers, got them saved on PC, just need to find USB cable - type 42 wallpaper = HMS GLASGOW aka the Gleaming G - long since gone - but now screen saver
  6. On a point of pedantry, the General Alarm mp3 is actually the General and CW alarm.
  7. Fantastic! Call the hands never responded to it on board.... Gives me an excuse to ignore my phone now
  8. Woke up to "Call the Hands" - very spooky after all this time!! :lol:
  9. call the hands i have as my message tone and recive about 60 texts a day and my phone has nearly beeen smahed up about 2000000000 times civvys dont seem to get it they just think there annoying
  10. Trust me mate, if your phone was going off 60 times a day in my office, it would not just be the civvies it would be pissing off. :roll:

    Ditch the phone and see the education centre for some English lessons instead. :eek:
  11. Ginger cat ran off pdq when I played the alarm - 8O
  12. Bugger! It's incompatible with my Nokia 72501 colour mobile: it has WAP, can handle multimedia files but apparently cannot handle these. OK, it's 3-4 years old, so what? That's 25p down the scupper! :cry: :(
  13. Bugger, if you didnt get them when I first posted then its too late as they must have read about it on here as they have now closed the link, if you download now you get the HTML page instead of the mp3 file.
  14. Does anyone out there know if there is anywhere I can get hold of that good old tune/pipe: "Flying Stations!", now that would be a good ringtone!!
  15. They're still working. The direct links are:

    You should be able to right-click the links above and 'Save As' from here.
  16. Excellent got them on phone - have call the hands as my alarm... oh such fun!
  17. Brigs, hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are now included in the group "Civvies" Concur with your education centre recommendation though. Clearly, these ETs are not as clever as the tiffs they've replaced.

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