Navy reservists "rarely go to sea".

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by rum_rat, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. Speaking as a reservist, this is not due to a lack of trying by reservists to get on board. Fleet just say they don't need us, if however you speak to people serving in the fleet, extra sets of hands would be welcome and yes we are trained to do more than just clean.
  2. I have to say that as a Loggie, I've never been to sea in the five years I've been in..
  3. I think that it shows a level of ignorance by the person making the comment, as there are plenty of jobs that need reservists to do them which are shore based.
  4. A large proportion of reservists' operational roles aren't seagoing.

    Though it would make sense to send all reservists to sea periodically if just to give them some "sea sense".
  5. Indeed. In fact other than Logs, already mentioned, at least two of the other branches would be positively hindered by being at sea and competing with the ship for resource.
  6. Interesting, thanks for that
  7. Dunkers... everyone must now do 2 weeks at sea to qualify for their advancement..... and even in a non sea going branch you can still go to sea if not for your branch but to learn seamanship as it were called. Might be worth youi while checking out your training structure before passing comment... :thumright:
  8. Yeah, and how often does that happen?

  9. I would agree,

    In the 50's,60's & 70's the RN did a joint NATO month long minesweeping exercise annually in the North Sea off the Fresian Islands Many of the Ton class minesweepers who took part in this exercise were from RNR branches around the UK.
  10. Zena,

    As a Loggie, there is nothing in my promotion structure that says I have to, or need to, go to sea. Everything that Loggies do is land-based..

    We don't need to learn any kind of seamanship..

  11. To paraphase the old song~

    Whats sea got to do with it? do with it? do with it?

    Just because your in the Navy don't mean you have to go to sea on a warship does it? Plenty of jobs were the ability to go to sea is a positive hinderance (mind you the odd 'jolly' is good for moral, not just for the person doing it either!)

    i mean you don't have to have wings to join the airforce do you?
  12. In the last year there does appear to be more ships available. I was on a 22 last year, FOST tanker booked later this year. There are a few other things dotted about also.

    It's obviously important for any afloat opps. branch to spend time on a war canoe for experience. I think it only took 5mins of being on the ship last year to realise how little I knew about going to sea despite being in GSSR for the last 3 years (sorry 'Above Water Force Protection Reserve Thingy Branch)
  13. Might want to check the promotion structure, as an AB to LH in any other branch you must go to sea to complete your advancement. I'm not saying you have to learn any kind of seamanship but for those people who are actually interested in the Navy and want to know what is goes on at sea the opportunity is there. :wav:
  14. Zena... nobody is denying that the opportunity is there... it's the infrequency of the opportunity that is the problem, a killick with 2 weeks' seatime in their entire career? Taking the piss a bit is it not?
  15. P.S dunkers you should be able to go to sea throughout most of the year, all you need to do is speak with your PSI. :thumright:
  16. Let's be fair, it's not just reservists who rarely go to sea.
    We have about 32,000 people. How many war canoes at sea at mo? :farao:
  17. I employed a Warrant Officer in another service who'd spent a total of about six months outside UK
  18. The opportunities may be there, but if it doesn't fall in the training matrix for the branch you will not go. As far as I recall (and please correct me if this has since changed) there is zero requirement for any Loggie to spend any time at sea, Officer or Rate. In fact the only mandatory time at sea in the Loggy world is for Officers during their initial training prior to joining branch.

    Further, it's been stated on many occasions by the FE that no training outside of that in the Training Matrix will be tolerated or funded.

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