Navy Recruiting Oz Style (OLD)


War Hero
Sadly in today's cynical "whatever" atmosphere, the target audience would be unlikely to be stirred by patriotic advertising.

This last week, we had what I believe to be our most powerful current recruiting tool - a helicopter landing at 5 schools over two days. Hardly subliminal advertising, but a superb "in your face" method of product placement. (Many thanks to 849 Squadron for their efforts- nothing short of superb- as always) .

Something as spectacular as a helicopter landing at a school is something every young person will always remember and is brilliant for recruiting for all trades, not just Woos.

If money for advertising were no object, then the icing on the cake would be two Navy helicopters with a handful of Marines from the Commando Display Team rapid-roping into the playing fields & "kidnapping" the headteacher - what could possibly go wrong?

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