Navy recruiting ads from the late 70s/early 80s?


Lantern Swinger
Used to always get up early on a Saturday to watch kids TV, especially Space 1999. They would always play recuiting ads (I guess they wanted to really hook recruits in early?). The RAF ad was always some Harrier pilot in a simulator which was essentially a box suspended above a huge map, the army had the Household Cavalry who you had to admit had a lot of style.

3 navy ones which I always remember. First guys practicing for a helicopter crash in a simulator. It always ended with this bearded Commander telling them "Right now let's do it all again" and this soaking wet crewman looking up at him as if to say "You bastard!" (disarmingly honest actually).

The second was a Leander or Rothsey class practicing with a Dreadnought class sub which surfaces at the end and exchanges pleasantries with them using a signal lamp.

The one that really stands out though was for the WRNS (as it was then) when you have four girls walking along the dockside chatting about life in the navy interspersed with footage of 4 bored looking guys sitting in a sub playing cards and then releasing some form of signal buoy. The prettiest of the girls then heads home and seeing her Lt Commander husband's hat and jacket on the bannister announces "Darling, I'm home"

Boy, thinking of it now, you can really see what the navy's mentality was back then!

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