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Hey everyone,

I keep seeing this term 'phot' which I assumed meant photographer but after looking on the royal navy's career website I don't see any such job. Can someone explain to me what it means. Thanks.
There is a photographer branch but it is in-service entry only, ie, you have to have joined the RN in some other branch, then transfer to it if suitable.


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Omg is this realy possible :D

Wow i nearly turned into a traitor nd joiner the RAF becuase i wanted to be a photographer lol.


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This is correct, you transfer, on application and selection, having reached Leading Hand in your source branch. New entries to the branch are designated LA (Phot), and "belong" to the FAA, in theory. You will need good reports to get selected, and, I belive, have to pass some sort of apptiude test, before going to the Joint School of Photography and training in both stills and video production.

The product you create is used in more fields of the RN than you might believe, as well as being used for PR and press relations. Go to click on Defence Images for some idea.

As dunkers suggests; speak to your recrutiers. Don't call me I AM NOT a phot.


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As with all "sideways-entry" trades such as Phot, Aircrewman, Service Police, PTI, Helicopter Controller, etc., before you can even consider a transfer you need to gain manning clearance from your source branch to transfer, then pass selection.

It's very simple maths- if the trade you initially join has a short waiting period to enter service, you can be sure it's a shortage category branch from which the Branch Manager will most definitely not permit manning clearance to transfer.

Whilst there's nothing wrong in having the long term aspiration to transfer to one of those trades, you need to be certain that the trade in which you initially join is definitely suited to you as you will be doing that job, most likely about 4 years first or possibly 18 years if you cannot gain clearance to transfer.

In short don't join up in the expectation that it will definitely happen- it may not, so there's no point claiming in later years that your AFCO said you could- they only said "it depends".


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I had extreme difficulty transferring to my current Branch, after being in the Warfare Branch for 15 years. Manning clearance was not granted by my former Branch Manager, and it got to the stage where I had to make a formal written representation in order to transfer, following a very heated telephone call to him to explain why he had refused it! I actually reluctantly gave up hope of tranferring, and resigned myself to continuing in my previous job.

However with perseverance, some proactive campaigning by my CO at the time (and a little luck!) I managed to transfer, and have remained a very happy bunny ever since; my only gripe being that I could have progressed further, sooner, had my old Branch Manager allowed me to transfer when I first applied in the mid-'90s.

If you are determined to transfer into any 'sideway entry' Branch, then do not expect the RN to allow you to, just because you want it. And never make the same mistake many Assessees make when asked why they want to transfer and reply: "Because I don't like my current job!" We all know that may be true, but come up with something a bit more original than that! :wink:
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