Navy orders its sailors to plug leaks


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Personally? I believe that Admiral Crane has a fair point but I'm curious about one thing. Who leaked his letter to the press?

Can anyone spell irony?



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Personally? I believe that Admiral Crane has a fair point but I'm curious about one thing. Who leaked his letter to the press?

Can anyone spell irony?


This is from the 'leaked' letter that prompted CN's reply

ONE of the navy's most senior commanders has ordered sailors to toughen up, stop whingeing about money, be happier and display more leadership.

In an extraordinary minute addressed to all senior navy engineers, Commodore Marshall chastised his men for their lack of leadership.

"The focus of this letter to the community (of naval engineers) is unashamedly about leadership," he wrote in a navy minute dated April 18 and obtained by The Weekend Australian.

"I do not need to tell you how bad our engineering manning issues are -- suffice to say that most of our categories are categorised as critical with the submarine categories assessed as perilous.

"If we are to address the issue of retention, then we need to significantly improve the standard of leadership from supervisors and leaders at all levels.

(I) hope that these letters present you with an opportunity to lead."

Commodore Marshall, Director-General Navy Systems Branch, also exhorted his senior sailors to stop whingeing about the fact that some specialists in the navy, such as submariners, were getting specific bonuses to help keep them in the service.

"Unless your pay went backwards, then I would prefer you congratulate those who received the bonuses rather than bemoan the fact that they did not come to you -- this is a leadership challenge," he wrote.

"While your salary package is important, you can make the biggest impact on retention by simply leading within your work area; showing your subordinates how to lead, and thereby inspiring them to lead."

Commodore Marshall said sailors needed to be happier about their lives in the navy and show others that they were happy.

"(American) general Colin Powell said 'perpetual optimism is a force multiplier', and I am convinced there is much truth in this statement," he said. "If you don't value and enjoy navy, then why should your subordinates?"

He said senior sailors needed to be aware that the main reason people left an organisation was because of dissatisfaction with their immediate supervisor.

"Together we must all work to lead ourselves out of the situation we currently find ourselves in," he said.


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witsend said:
Joe_Crow said:
Getting back to the topic, sort of, I saw a copy of "The Sailor's guide to Blogging", a 2SL production. This fine pamphlet explains everthing that Jack or Jenny needs to know about the correct way to Blog.

To precis it, all Blogs must be sanctioned (as they are categorised as 'Contact with the Media'), must not comment on any subject outside the service (eg politics or football, "stick to what you know"!!!!!!) and must avoid anything which may show the service in a bad light.

To that end, Gordon Brown's leadership is OK by me, but if the Tories get in, then Dave Cameron will, I'm sure, do a good job. Come on both Scotland and the All Blacks, may the best team win. Oh, and I definately haven't had to work late every night this week, none of the Wardroom are cnuts, and it's only fair that the Jetty Management Group have fifteen AV billets but never occupy more than five, leaving premium parking spaces unused, as the boats' crews don't need parking spaces when they are at sea. All this is, of course, off the record.

Oh, and if anyone from the Admiralty is listening, I have had, and still do have, frequent contact with a journalist who has worked on, inter alia, BBC R4s Today programme. What do you have to say about that?

I feel it may be my duty to stick you in. :brave:

What are you going to do, report me to the AUSO? :dwarf: