Navy or Uni??


Hi everyone :-D

I have just joined this and would love some advice..

I was at my local navy careers office today..I would like to apply for officer pilot..however the CO that was talking to me today has said there will be no openings for pilots til January..apparently the selection is extremely tough and there is already a list of people who have passed app tests etc etc..however he did say observer could be an option?
They told me all about the benefits of the navy and how great it is and it sounds like something I could see myself doing...

Then today I get home to discover I have 3 unconditional offers for I turn these down in the hope I get into the navy??


Any advice at all would be really appreciated


Lets see -

If you don't bother with Uni and try for the Navy, you could fail to get into the navy and be left with nothing.

If you go to Uni (it sounds like you're pretty bright getting 3 unconditional offers!), you will get a degree and have 3 more years for you to consider what you really want to do, or if anything better comes up!

As a side note, if you had already been accepted into the Navy and were considering Uni, I'd say do the Navy. But, as you've not yet started the application, it's too big a gamble.

Good luck!


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Reading which subject at which Unis?
Probably not a Batchelor of Decision Making.
WTF would you come onto an online unofficial site and ask for the opinions of people you don't know, or their authority for their opinions ie Serving Careers Advisor or Maccas Employee of the Month who has yet to even push open the door of an AFCO?
This will probably be one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make think about it yourself.


Beki123, I am Uni at the moment and hopefully will go to Dartmouth in September, Uni I have found is a waste of time because there is only one thing I want to do and that is to join up, I find I am not focussed or interested anymore in what I chose to study and all the while you're there you will want to be training. If all doesn't go well with the Navy nothing is then stopping you going to Uni. That’s my advice! Best of luck.


I really don't think you will get an answer on here, I appreciate you wanting to ask for advice, but no-one knows you or what you're like. I'm currently just finishing my second year of Uni and am half way through the joining process. For me although obviously I really want to get on and join the Navy I think being at Uni whilst going through the application process means I'm not getting frustrated (as many others appear to be) with the time it takes and or waiting times as I have my degree to focus on. I imagine which ever you choose will work out fine as long as you put a lot into it and ultimately it probably won't make a lot of difference. I do suggest going to speak to your AFCO about waiting times and ask yourself what will you do with yourself during that period.
In honesty as a recruiter, Both have positive's. if you want to be a future fast jet pilot then you need to be applying as soon as possible to get on the waiting list and get yourself in as early as possible. You have rightly been informed that we are not taking any this year and only a small amount in 2012. There will always be a requirement for Pilots (Fixed wing and Rotary). If Pilot is really your desire, then be aware that the optimum age for a Fixed wing pilot to join is 18-21, any later and they miss the optimum age for flying, hence the reason the RN runs in-service degree schemes for pilots.

Going to uni will give you more life experiences for when you undertake selection for the RN, giving you a better chance of passing things like AIB (Admirality interview board) etc. If you go to uni you get a degree in a subject you want and hopefully will also be more employable outside the military later in life. Whilst at uni you could try to join a University royal naval unit (if they have one) or even try for a sponsorship form the RN for your place at uni (Very few sponsorship around at the moment).

At the end of the day only you can make the decision, but please look at the options and chat your decision through with family, friends and even your naval careers advisor.

Good luck



I would definately reccomend Uni & RN, i have just finished my second year of my degree, and have also recently passed my RT, hoping to join the navy as a medical assistant as soon as i finish my degree, but with waiting lists and the like now you could probably finish Uni whilst waiting to join up, then if you decide to leave the navy in say 10 years or so, you have as a degree plus 10 years military experiance which should make you very employable


I went to Uni, now joining the Navy. I absolutely loved Uni, had a great time, met some amazing people and had 3 years living away from home, initially with people I didn't know from Adam. I'd say accept the offer of Uni and if all goes well with you Officer Application, you can always leave at the end of first year and carry those credits you have earnt onto a similar degree through the Navy. Why not go back to your AFCO and tell them what you are thinking of doing at Uni and ask them what their honest opinion is? I find that the CA's are absolutely brilliant and have been nothing but helpful when I've popped in or rung them with a question. The more research you do into both sides, the better educated your decision will be and the more you will find it is the right one.