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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by surfdude, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. anyone else goin to this on 10th july or know what it involves??
  2. I'd like too
  3. Heya Surfdude

    I went on the aqcuaint course about a month ago, i had a really good time, it is baisically to give you a bit of an insight into what Rally will be like! You can ask questions and you get the chance to do the 1.5 mile run and the swim test! Are you going up to Scotland for it?
  4. nah its a two day thing down in fort blockhouse, gosport
  5. [​IMG]

    Drive safely kids!
  6. Good to see the standard of intelligence we're recruiting is still high.
  7. All you old gits need to get hip with the txt spk!
  8. Good to see the standard of intelligence we're recruiting is still high.

    that aimed at me angrydoc?

  9. Hmmmmm,well one would assume(yes i know we shouldnt)that you are wanting to be a Naval Nurse.So to that end i would have thought it was an introduction to the life in the RN as a Naval Nurse.However,prepare to be dissapointed,since the sad and halfarsed idea to close down the RNH's,you will never take the "MA's Aquaintance of Naval Nurses Course"Presumably you are already trained?
  10. Don't worry surfdude, angrydoc's comment was aimed at me!

    I had to go up to Scotland, so i'm not sure what they have got in store for you to be honest. But i hope you enjoy!!!!
  11. True - it was the Rally thing.

    God you're easily offended, arn't you!
  12. People really get pissy about good english on these forums ;)

    I can see why, i never use all the crap "Da is lke ornge" crap speak, i just suck at putting together sentence's and i never read what i type. Doesn't help im normally reading something on the other screen while typing :s


    btw, Buy a good phone ;), then it has a qwerty keyboard and no need for text speak :)

    (btw not txt speak tbh, neither is tbh tbh)
  13. I agree that people get really **** about young peoples spelling on this site. Dont worry mate it gives people a purpose in life. :thumright:

    However it is a known fact that service life is fundamentally based around humour, piss taking and sarcasm so if you cant stick it on here i fear your perhaps going into the wrong profession!!
  14. Actually people on here get **** about spelling because we are fed up with lazy feckwits that can't even be bothered to spell correctly asking all sort of inane questions that have been answered thousands of times, if only they'd look.
    If you can't be bothered to spell correctly, then what is your attitude to work in general? Pretty damn bad usually.
  15. Yup. OK. In that case mate is there a better way of directing said numpties to the answers to their questions then?? Sorry i'm not a MOD anymore but maybe you could make a suggestion??
  16. Yes Doc he/she is easily offended, AREN'T you? :thumright:

  17. What, you mean something along the lines of "Hmm, I have a question I'd like to ask. I know, I'll have alook around and see if it has already been answered umpteen times and if I can't find it by looking AND using the search facility, then I will ask in a polite and correctly worded manner".

    Doesn't that seem like common sense to you?
  18. i wasn't taking offence angrydoc i just hadn't read the other posts before yours properly an got confused

    i used the search forum thing and couldnt find anything about the naval nurse acquaint course which i dont think is the same as the RNAC because it's in a different place so i just wanted to know what i'd actually be doing and if anyone else was going along

    i'm gonna be a student nurse to answer someone elses question (forgot your name sorry)
  19. I am seriously disappointed. I thought this posting was going to offer tips on how to get a nurse to go out with you.


  20. Can one recruit a "standard of intelligence" or a standard or disposition or capacity?

    I'll get me coat :dwarf:

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