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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kal_Stu, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Goodevening everyone. First off i am sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, just let me know and i will move it..

    I was looking to try and subscrube on to the Navy Newsletter on the site but it keeps bring up a error. Is there anyway to get around this and be able to subscribe for the emails?

    I also found that you can subscribe for it to be sent out to you. Is it worth the £22 to have it sent to you in the post?

    thamks Kal
  2. Ageing_Gracefully

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  3. Hi Kal!

    Firstly, may I just clarify somethng please? Is this the page where you are having difficulties signing up for the newsletter?

  4. Yes Soleil that is the page i am unable to sign up on.. Is there something wrong with that page?

    Thank you for your helpful input Ageing_Gracefully
  5. WeLL iT MAde mE LaugH.....
  6. As my signature seemed to bother you so much, I changed it.
  7. Kal, yes there is, the Royal Navy website had a bit of a glitch not long ago; it's pretty much all fixed but I think that they are just putting the finishing touches to their newsletter system, so signing up for the newsletters at the moment isn't possible because of technical issues but, hopefully, it will be shortly.

    There is a difference between the Newsletter which you can get from the Royal Navy website, which I have just mentioned and Navy News. The Newsletter comes directly from the Royal Navy, written by RN staff, in an e-mail format; Navy News is an actual newspaper, the Official Newspaper of the Royal Navy and linked in to it, but written by professional journalists in Portsmouth.

    Navy News has a website on which you can see at least one new story a day:

    Navy News

    but its website also has a link to the online edition of the newspaper, so you don't really need to get the hard copy at the newsagents or subscribe if you are on a budget.

    Navy News January 2011=

    Another thing which you might like to know is that Royal Navy, Royal Navy Recruitment and Navy News all have Facebook pages. If you have Facebook, go to their pages and "Like". This means that when the Royal Navy or Navy News add an article to their Facebook page, it shows up automatically on your Facebook Newsfeed, which is handy.

    Royal Navy | Facebook
    Royal Navy Recruitment | Facebook
    Dockyard Dandy | Facebook

    Does this help? Let me know if it doesn't!
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  8. Bit of a glitch... one way to describe it :p From Romania with love.

    Kal_Stu's spelling and grammar is greatly improved and getting better.
  9. Thank You Soleil. I liked all 3 pages so any news on Facebook will come up, thanks again. Is the one by the Journalist reliable? Thanks for the link to the online version, saves a bit of money. Thanks again

  10. The one written by the Journalist is definitely reliable, Kal.

    My pleasure.

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