Navy News: "Top gunning from Daring"


Lantern Swinger
Was that really a good idea, opening it up to the public in Liverpool? Is there anything left? Maybe that was the ultimate 'securing for sea' trial !
WhiteRose said:
Was that her trying to shoot down the aliens? Or the reaction to incoming cricket ball?

Well aliens should be easy, it can track things travelling at three times the speed of light!!! 8O

"…The Daring is an anti-air warfare Destroyer, designed to act as protection for other ships and forces from airborne attack. It can destroy something as small as a cricket ball travelling at three times the speed of light.…"
Pretty much the only thing yet to be tested on Britain’s most advanced warship is her Sea Viper main missile :wink: :wink: Does that mean"not fitted with"????

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