Navy News: "Talk is cheep aboard HMS Westminster"


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Bloody hell. They never told me that the bird snuffed it... which means I have to change the tale (or is it tail) now...
We had a bat on one of the 42s. The Lynx was doing a ground run at the time and the thing flew straight into the rotor blades. It didn't get all mashed up as one would expect, it just hit the blades then landed in one piece on the deck totally stunned.

We didn't give it a name or keep it as a pet, I think the FDO just pushed it over the side with his foot.


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I read the Grauniad article and was amused to note that in their opinion that name of the late free-riding budgie, BOSTie, is derived from the name of a cross-breed terrier.... is this some veiled insult on the ancestry of the sea-riders, or have the Grauniad type-setters messed up again and confused "Basic Operational Sea Training" with "Cross Breed Terrier"?


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I am sure the 63 FOSTies refers to those onboard for the Materiel And Safety Check (MASC) - what the old codgers used to know as a Staff Sea Check (SSC). Apart from MASC FOST Staff probably max out on the Thursday war at around 45, but this obviously varies according to the the ship, stage of training, etc.

Just out of interest there are only 4 FOSTies on HMS WESTMINSTER tomorrow morning but plenty more for tomorrow afternoons DCX 1-2 overlaid with an ADEX.
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