Navy News: "Sceptre's Got Some Cider Inside Her"


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Sorry Sol, but I'm sure this has been done! Just can't be assed to check!!
We've done HMS Sceptre and Cider (Royal Bath and West Show) - I posted that one myself - but I gave this new piece by Navy News a spot on its own because it's about the Decommissioning Ceremony on December 10th and says that everyone who served in an S-Boat, regardless of which one, can apply to attend.

And because it sounds like it's free cider all round and I didn't want Rum Rationers to miss out! :lol:

Found it:


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ben:) said:
yeh my dad serves on HMS Sceptre, pretty sure he bought a few bottles of whisky.
I know he's bought a Sceptre mug with your name on it. (He's also got one for Dylan!)

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