Navy News: "RN veterans needed to help restore wartime foe"

Re: Navy News: "RN veterans needed to help restore wartime f

Interestingly, one of S-130's foes in April 1944 was MTB 416 based at Dartmouth.

British Military Powerboat Trust said:
...An official Order dated the 26th August 1943 redesignated MBG 81 to MTB 416. ... Her first recorded action as an MTB was on the 21/22 April 1944 in Lyme Bay, when three groups of E-boats were plotted in the area. The MTBs were vectored on to the five enemy craft and engaged two at close range, and MTB 416 suffered action damage...
The stories of both boats and their previous restoration appear on the British Military Powerboat Trust's website here and here respectively.


MTB 416 restored as MGB 81 on the Solent in 2003

Scnellboot S-130 at the Southampton Boat Show
MGB 81 is still up for sale herself for a cool half million (link).

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