Navy News: "Reservists Honour The 'Forgotten' Invasion Of France"

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by soleil, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. An RNR unit with Topics??? We struggle to get No4's!!!!
  2. Never liked Topics, i preferred marathons :)
  3. Tropics of course its them possers from london
  4. Nah, Topic for me but I'm not convinced there really was a hazelnut in EVERY bite?
  5. On the subject of the errant 'r', do my tired old eyes spot an 'R' in the shoulder boards, front rank ?
  6. Parade-Ho

    Methinks you are correct oh eagle-eyed one. I don't know the officer in question but judging by her seniority (rank and age) it is possible that she is retired but was exercising her right to wear uniform on public occasions where it is deemed in the best interests of the naval service to do so. Either that or she should have gone to SpecSavers when the DCI came out.
  7. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I think I recognise the 'R' officer, and yes I believe that she is retired. That said, poor show to not get into proper rig like everyone else.

    As for the general manking about Trops - if you need trops then go to Pompey and arrange to get them from the clothing store. PRESIDENT doesnt have a tropical clothing store, they'd have gone to the dockyard like everyone else (albeit in a range rover while eating caviar ;-))
  8. Unless someone can correct me I understand that once retired you are able to wear the uniform extant at the time of retirement so a WRNS officer could, theoretically, parade with blue stripes. In this case, if she retired when the "R" was still worn in the curl there would have been no obligation (or even justification) for shifting into "proper rig".
  9. Matelots - Drill - RNR - jolly - pah
  10. President unit vehicles

    I can assure you that PRESIDENT ships company would not go to the dockyard in a range rover, they would send a butler in the Bentley.
    GEN DIT PRESIDENT ships company get double bounty for living in London and only do one hour drill nights due to waiting for taxis on the unit account, takes for ever, sounds fair though
  11. Yes, I had heard that myself. I also understand that EAGLET ships company get credited for 3 hour drill nights and get free legal counsel for shoplifting and joyriding "problems" and CALLIOPE can get free English as a Foreign Language training. Have I missed anyone out?
  12. HMS Ferrets members get an allowance for upkeep of furry uniform items...

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