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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jun 9, 2011.

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  1. Notice the front page cover photo. Shows Hms Monmouth winchman AET Sam Ashman going down on a double dispatcher and strop? Surely he is Aircrewman Sam Ashman??:angel7: would never let my NA in a dispatcher:laughing2:
  2. It's the way its going now Scouse. The new policy is to do away with the winchman altogether. In future all Winching operations including Vertreps will be done using bungees. The Observer will do the double role of both Obs and Winchman thereby saving money. Video of trials for you.
    YouTube - ‪World's Highest Bungee Jump / Helicopter / 500 m - 1640 ft‬‏

    Don't think it will take off in my opinion:-D
  3. Most of the small ships flights now actually have an AET who has a secondary role as winchman
  4. Old hat Scouse
    My Lynx flight in 1983 used the AEM as aircrewman when needed. I believe that it's cos the Lynx and other helos now have two occifers as main aircrew and only need an aircrewie for the dirty jobs
  5. I trained them!!! SMAC 255 lynx winchmen, normally aet. But could have been any member of the flight.

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  6. I was the "dope onna rope" for my HDS flight!
  7. Were you one of my students Mike?

    If you were informed of the 'unofficial method' of rescuing a distressed swimmer was by spinning them around in the water and clocking them one - then chances are it was me!!!!!! My predecessors were way too polite!
  8. UHHHHHHHHHHHH Dunno. It was 772 nas at portland in 1986. Just b4 I joined the flight, little ginge was our crewie
  9. Twernt me Mike. I was lemmoned with the job circa 90 to 92.
  10. It wasnt exactly a real course. Did the dunker which was a laugh and then we took a pas boat out into the middle of Portland harbour, jumped overboard, swam/floated/swam to a lifecraft, climbed in and waited till a mk V came and winched us up....then I collected my couple of quid extra for a while!
  11. It obviously grew wings!!!:-D:-D

    It was a weeks course not including the Dunker. Classroom theory followed by the winchman practicing single and double lifts ending up with double lift and stretcher work. Most of it done in the Lynx, occasionally, if the Lynx were all knackered we would fall back on the good ole dependable Wessy V!!:numberone:
  12. Nah didnt do any of that shit, BUT as b4, got a cpl of quid a day extra whilst our flight was still about, but they de-commished HDS A and B flights summer of '87. (After a 4 month loaf on the arse end of an RFA in the carib I might add).

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