Navy News: "Queen Tells Navy To Splice The Mainbrace Following Jubilee Efforts"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. Good to hear Sol. It was a question I was going to ask in due course, but here's another for a serving member who is involved.
    Since all the paraphenalia, rum tubs, barricoes, measures, etc., were disposed of long ago, and the S71 (gangway book/rum book) would probably have been amended meanwhile, can anyone serving enlighten an old "G" member as to how the issue is carried out on the rare occasions that splicers is given these days? Also, as fully fledged members of the RN, does Jenny get a tot?
    Do you all have to declare "G" or "T", and is the age limit still 20, or has it been amended to 18?
    I hope you all enjoy your tot.

    " The Queen, God Bless Her".

  2. Had StM once when I was serving in\at SNONI '86 for Fergie and Andrew's wedding. Called into Joss's office, bottle of Pussers rum duly appeared and a random amount was poured out.

    No declaration of ""G" or "T"" whatever that is, and duly passed my tot to one of the killick stokers (Kipper Lynch) otherwise I'd have puked my ring.
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  3. Well there's Hands to Bathe" and Sippers, or even Gulpers. But to give your tot away shows a distinct lack of nautical morals
  4. Sorry Tre., but after a certain piss up in Weston Super Mare on rum, my body now baulks at even the smell of the stuff now. In mitigation though, I've blown 'that' whistle for real. Will that make up for it?
  5. Last few splicers I had when serving was a double from a bulk standard optic (may have been more than a double when I think about it).
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You've changed. What ever happened to NAAFI tea and biscuits brown? :wink:
  7. Had one called by Charlie boy after the sail past for the hand over of HK. I don't know if it was a STMB (as in for the Bde) but we all had a tot at 42 on the afternoon before the Al Faw in 2003, oh and of course the many duty ice breaking drills tots. has alway been the sad plastic cups straight from the bottle.
  8. Seem to remember a StMB at some point in the dim and distant ... although somewhere in the translation if translated in to a tin of beer ... not quite the same. Did however catch up with the proper stuff onboard one of HMNZ war canoes alongside in Sydney harbour which I happened to be visiting bang on tot time ... was given a tot from a silver jug straight out of the freezer ... Something about ice cold rum!

    In 79 in Gib there was a "wholesalers" in the casements who had bought up all the navy rum stocks held on Gib ... used to be able to buy a gallon of the stuff still in the stone jars with wicker baskets around it ... took one home once on "Dan Dare" which in those days landed at Brize ... Customs Officer stopped me and asked me if I had anything to declare ... "bottle of rum" says I ... "f*cking big bottle jack" says he stamping my declaration form "Nothing to Declare"!
  9. I was in Gib in those days, when the boat stopped off for a jolly. If the memory hasn't faded the Captains Cabin used to flog them there big stone jugs of pusser's bubbly. I could be wrong as I was on JC overload most of the time in there's lovely, JC's mmmmmmmmmmm.
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  10. Oh yes ... JC's ........ happy dazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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  12. That's brought a few memories flooding back Sol, with the donkey's flip-flop off to the left, just across the road and the Piazza behind the camaraman where you get jugs of some pink alcoholic stuff, can't remember what that was called though.
  13. I splice the brace most evenings anyway, whats the fuss?
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  15. I'm crying with nostalgia now.:crybaby:

    I used to love Gib :eek:ccasion5:
  16. Your making me all nostalgic now Sol, funny how I don't seem to remember much of the many runs ashore I had in Gib once the sun had gone down.:dontknow:
    :drunken:. My first 3 runs ashore in the mob were Hamburg, Malta and Gib and all by the time I was 18, no wonder I signed on for more!!
  17. Anyone know the routine how a matelot can draw his tot to splice the mainbrace, as ordered by HM the Queen, when said matelot is not in a Naval unit?
  18. It was spliced at Raleigh about 25 years ago, in the SR mess all members had 3 tots of whatever they wanted , this jncluded all WRNS.
    Fot JR's in took place in the NAAFI bar.
  19. JSP 456 Defence Catering Manual

    Vol 4

    0527. Splice the Mainbrace. The order ‘Splice the Mainbrace’ authorises the issue of 62.5ml of commercial spirit to all entitled personnel over the age of 18. In the event that insufficient commercial spirit is available, one 500ml can of beer may be issued in lieu. Personnel under 18 years of age, and those who do not desire the spirit ration, may receive a soft drink in lieu. Under no circumstance is any cash payment to be made. The order ‘Splice the Mainbrace’ may be given only by:

    a. Her Majesty the Queen or members of the Royal Family.
    b. The Admiralty Board on special occasions of celebration or national rejoicing.
    c. Governor Generals when acting as Viceroy to Her Majesty the Queen.

    0528. Accounting. Supplies of spirit and beer are to be obtained from the Unit Contractor. Issues are to be recorded on a manuscript certificate signed by the CO, which should contain the following information:

    a. Occasion of issue.
    b. Authority.
    c. Number of entitled personnel as authorised by signal.
    d. Quantities issued.

    This certificate (see JSP 456 Volume 2 Chapter 6 Annex A) is to be retained with the DFS Crown Account for audit to support the claim for each Trading Period.

    Vol 2

    0649. Splice the Main Brace - Supplies. Supplies of spirit and beer may be obtained from Unit shops/messes or local sources.

    The certificate shown at Annex A is to be used as an issue voucher for the stock, and a miscellaneous credit note for the catering account.
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