Navy News: "Proud To A P – Force Protection Squadron Parades For The Last Time"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. "Since 2010 the men and women of P Squadron have helped to safeguard the vessels of the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary in some of the most dangerous waters in the world, working alongside their colleagues from 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group (hence the cap tally worn by junior ratings).

    Men and women from the 167-strong squadron – many of whom are reservists – took part in a final ceremonial divisions at HM Naval Base Clyde to mark the passing of P, whose force protection duties will officially end on December 31."
  2. I always thought P Squadron was full of P's!
  3. Purple_twiglet

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    Due to the large amount of comments exposing dirty laundry (a media story in itself) and comments bordering on the 'unwise' I have taken decision to pull vast chunks of this thread.
  4. I had never even heard of them? :)

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  5. Very wise decision. And just out of curiosity moved the comments to? :numberone:
  6. On a selfish note I'm glad. Not enough rooms in Faslane and this should free some up (fingers crossed).
  7. How will the bars of Helensbrugh cope?

    Honestly the FPG did an unglamorous but very important job and as a result two guys in a speedboat never did this to our lovely frigates and subs;

  8. FPG still exists though and its not going anywhere. This occurred almost a decade before P sqn was even formed.
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  9. I meant P squadron and for the period they existed they made sure we had no repeat of the USS Cole
  10. Yes they did but with the draw down from Afghanistan they are not needed anymore and there is less chance I am going to have to shoe horn my life in to a shared room designed for one man.
  11. Depends, I mean are they now going to move all the booties who are taking over their role into Neptune?
  12. Jaggers, the role is being rotated around the three normal commando units as they take on the fleet ready reaction unit duties. A coy from the Cdo is tasked with it for a year and then it moves on. They just stay where they are normally based as they are not part of 43.

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  13. In addition to what instinct said it will also probably aid retention in the RM as the lads will get some good jollies out of it. All the RM I know that did this kind of task really speak highly of the time doing so.
  14. Having done this job I bet they will be bored shitless and rip the ship to bits and piss off every rfa bloke that has to deal with em then leave and try to do maritime security. It is more to do with keeping the rm's busy so they wont get cut in 2015.

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  15. I mean never say never but I'm not sure they could cut any of the actual fighting units from the RM.
    If we are building a military around expedition warfare then the RM and Paras seem very key components and recruit quite well.
    I have plenty of ex RM mates and the arse seems to have fallen out of maritime a bit.
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  16. Probably not but it seems that the head shed is doing anything it can to make 3 cdo brigade a golden goose. Hence the transformation of FPGRM into 43 and bringing it into 3 cdo brigade. 3 cdo brigade protects the nuclear deterant dont you know.

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  17. I was once told it is the Polaris agreement that Royal Marines must guard the system. But I'm not sure if that has any basis in fact.
  18. God help us if it were matelots guarding it!

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  19. Would be even worse if booties were operating it lol.
  20. janner

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    I think that you'll find that they do, unless Booties are now manning Bombers!

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