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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by R12_CV, May 11, 2010.

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  1. OK, did anyone actually ever get to prod-their-rod with a PP from the old Navy News?

    Personally I was 'down south' when I took the initiative (after the usual 2's up of the paper) and corresponded with a very plum lass not a million miles from here.
    Steps were arranged to pursue this posh pussy once back in Oggy land only to find out a day or two before wasting one of my valuable warrants, that she was still in private education at daddy's prestigious school. End message!

    No grooming, no contact...just a near miss!

    I know some of you will have taken up the chase. Were they worth it? Did you feel a case for suing the NN for mis-description or did you just keep shtung and banged the 'Attractive FLSF aged 24 with a Naval Background seeking Naval Gent'?

    Gent...!! :roll:
  2. FLSF?
  3. Abso-ferkinglutely. Down the Gulf in 86 on Andromeda. Sent a letter to the 'Daily Star' asking for pen-pals.

    First Mail drop in Cadiz (next stop from Gib). Came the pipe "The person known as "the lads, 3EZ mess" report to the mail office at the rush". That'll be me then. "Sort this lot out you cnut" was the brief message from the killick dog (we didn't have bootie bandies onboard so had to do our own mail). Several sacks of mail later, yours truely and the rest of the S&S mess are trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff. I did indeed end up with a nurse from Lytham St Annes, but was not by far the only one to end up propper banging from that trip. One letter of note was the one from the bird that started ok but decided to drop in halfway "the photo enclosed is the last one I have of me before I lost my leg in a car accident. If no-one wants to write, please return it to me'. I have a sneaky suspicion that the said phot may well still be onthe 3EZ gronk board at the bottom of the deep blue sea. Bless em all, we got some absolutely corking replies. And I got seriouslylaid on return from my first ever foreign.
  4. Dunno really, but guessing's good.

    Fat Lazy Slapper - Free?

    I was always amused by the 'Single Brown Hair'. Shaved minges were not the order of the day in my youth, but I'm sure when I did the honours I would have noticed just one waving carelessly in the breeze.
  5. Had a dabble with a bird from Mansfield Woodhouse.

    Great Days!!!

    One of the blokes on my killicks course met up with a deaf mute!!
    He did before you ask!!!
  6. Fun Loving Single Female, at a guess.
  7. Of course it is ........ :oops:

    Thank you, Drakey.
  8. I managed it with three different pen pals once back in blighty following the Falklands Conflict.

    One in Purley, one in Wickford and one in Blackpool. The one in Purley was 32 (I was 22) and she looked a lot like Annie Lennox and she had several RAS(L)'s over several visits from young brigham! :)

    The other two were one shagging visit and out events. ;-)
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "Due to newspaper prices being based on characters or lines of text, a jargon of abbreviations, acronyms and code words arose in personals, and have carried over to the internet.

    The following are examples of single-letter abbreviations used in three-letter acronyms (TLAs).

    The first letter describes the person seeking.

    F: Female
    G: Gay
    M: Male (or Man)
    M: Married
    S: Single
    T: Transgender
    W: Woman

    The middle letter represents the ethnicity of the person posting the ad. Can be replaced by 4, standing for for ("seeking", "desires", etc.).

    A: Asian
    B: Black
    H: Hispanic
    J: Jewish or Japanese
    L: Latino or Latina
    W: White

    Last letter

    C: Couple
    F: Female
    M: Male (or Man)
    T: Transgender
    W: Woman

    The following are common abbreviations, acronyms, and code words.

    225: Seeking domination (i.e. will accept when told that 2+2=5)
    420 (or 4:20): refers to cannabis (see 420 (cannabis culture))
    ASL: Age Stats Location OR Age Sex Location
    ATM: Ass To Mouth - Anal copulation where the penis pulls out and ejaculates into a mouth
    AZN: Asian
    B&D (also B/D): Bondage and Discipline
    BB: Bodybuilder, or Barebacking
    BBC: Big Black Cock, or Big Black Cunt
    BBW: Big Beautiful Woman (Overweight)
    BDSM: Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and submission, Sadism and masochism
    BF: Black Female, or Boyfriend
    BHM: Big Handsome Man (uncommon, see BBW)
    Bi: Bisexual
    BiF: Bisexual Female
    BiM: Bisexual Male
    BJ: Blow Job (Fellatio)
    BMW: (Big Mexican Woman) overweight Mexican woman
    BOTS: Bit on the Side
    BTW: By The Way...
    BWC: Big White Cock
    CBT: Cock & Ball Torture, used in BDSM
    CD: Cross Dresser
    CFNM: Clothed female, naked male
    CP: Cock Play, between 2 or more males
    D/D: drug and disease
    DDF: Drug and Disease Free
    DL: Down low: secretive same gender sex, often parallel to a heterosexual relationship
    Dom: Male Dominant partner/participant in BDSM
    Domme: Female Dominant partner/participant in BDSM
    DP: Double Penetration, as when one person is penetrated by two objects
    D/s: Dominance and Submission - lowercased "s" signifies power exchange
    DTE: Down-to-earth
    DWF: Divorced White Female
    DWM: Divorced White Male
    FB: Fuck-Buddy
    FTM: Female-to-Male Transgender
    FWB: Friend With Benefits (friendship plus sex and no emotions)
    GAM: Gay Asian Male
    GB: Gang Bang, a person having sex with multiple partners in turn or simultaneously
    GBM: Gay Black Male
    GF: Gay Female (Lesbian), or Girlfriend
    GG: Genetic Girl/Real Girl/All-Girl as opposed to a TV/TS/TG girl
    GHM: Gay Hispanic Male
    GSOH: Good Sense Of Humour
    GWC: Gay White Couple
    GWF: Gay White Female
    GWM: Gay White Male
    Het: Heterosexual
    HJ: Hand-Job
    HWP: Height Weight Proportional: indicates an 'ideal' body weight
    IRL: In Real Life: face to face meeting
    ISO: In Search Of
    LF: Looking For
    LTR: Long Term Relationship (opposite of NSA)
    M4M: Man seeking man
    M4MW: Man seeking man and woman
    M4T: Male seeking transsexual or transvestite (cross dresser)
    M4W: Man seeking woman
    MBC: Married Black Couple
    MBiC: Married Bisexual Couple
    MHC: Married Hispanic Couple
    MOTOS: Member of the Opposite Sex
    MOTSS: Member of the Same Sex
    MTF: Male-to-Female Transgender
    MW4M: Man and woman seeking man
    MW4MW: Man and woman seeking man and woman
    MW4W: Man and woman seeking woman
    MWC: Married White Couple
    ND: Non-drinker
    NS: Non-smoker or non-smoking
    NSA: No strings attached; no future obligation—opposite of LTR
    OFAC: Own Flat And Car
    OHAC: Own House And Car
    OTK: Over The Knee, see erotic spanking
    PNP: Party and Play (drugs, usually crystal meth, and sex)
    Poly: Polyamory
    Pre-Op: Pre-operative transsexual with genitalia unaltered, typically male-to-female
    RTS: Real-Time Sex
    S&M (also S/M): Sadomasochism (Sadism & Masochism)
    SAE: Self Addressed Envelope
    SASE: Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
    SBF: Single Black Female
    SBM: Single Black Male
    SBiF: Single Bisexual Female
    SBiM: Single Bisexual Male
    ski: an outdoor snow or water sport, or code for cocaine use
    snow: cocaine
    SSBBW: Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman
    STD: sexually transmitted disease
    Str8: Straight (not bisexual or gay)
    sub (also subby or subbie): Submissive participant in BDSM
    SWF: Single White Female
    SWM: Single White Male
    SWS: Sex Without Strings (one night stand)
    TG: Transgender person
    Tina: Methamphetamine
    TLC: Tender Loving Care
    TS (also Transsexual or Tranny): Transsexual person, typically male-to-female
    TT: Titty-Torture, used in BDSM
    TV: Transvestite
    TYVM: Thank You Very Much
    VAS: Vasectomy
    VGL: Very Good Looking
    W/E: Well Endowed: larger than average male organ
    W/S: Watersports
    W4M: Woman seeking man
    W4MW: Woman seeking man and woman
    W4W: Woman seeking woman
    WLTM: Would Like To Meet
    YO: Years Old

  10. Dear me, SgtP, you really must find yourself a proper hobby.

    (There should have been a warning before that one, advising readers not to be drinking hot drinks when reading through it!). Oh dear, cappuccino everywhere ...................

  11. Just how many of those categories do you represent then Sol?!?!? :)
  12. :wink: :wink: TLC and VGL!!!!
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, you spat it out? Well, that's one of my questions answered... :shock: :wink:
  14. Thank you, Scouse x

    You are so very gallant.
  15. He is a creep! :)

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