Navy News: "New carriers jigsaw slowly fits together"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. :roll: Cant find the 2 missing pieces????? for the Cats and Wires!!!!!!!
  2. Nice picture in the side bar of HMS Doughnuts doing Dauntless.

    Sometimes I fear I don't drink enough :D
  3. Got a mate in Scabby Wood who tells me that the compromises being made on these ships to save money means we'll end up with a big HMS OCEAN - an oversized floating platform fitted for, but not with, anything of any use.

    Didn't see that one coming :roll:
  4. HMS Doughnuts Doing Dauntless, whilst not quite the most apt ship of the fleet certainly does have the entertainment factor. Wouldn't bet on keeping your drink steady though :/
  5. Your mate is somewhat mistaken. They aren't fast enough, some of the combat system kit won't be as trick as you'd like - but - they are big enough, they are built to Lloyds Naval Rules and the aviation arrangements will be excellent. The biggest problem is the continuing difficulty in getting the ship (IPT/ACA) to talk to the aircraft (JCA) and vice versa......
  6. Nokia. Simples. 8O
  7. The classic is it a flagship, or an aviation platform tension. I do appreciate that they aren't officially flagship capable (or at least they weren't up to 18 months or so ago), but I'm also aware of all the shenanigans going on to plan in flag facilities.

    Whether they can really exploit their aviation facilities as part of an integrated task force might be up for debate, but I'm sure the WAFU contingent will enjoy them.
  8. According to the report there are twelve thousand valves. Cost 16million.
    That 1.3million a piece.
    Bogey Knight from Mutton Cove could knock them out cheaper! :wink:
  9. The bad old days!!!! Magnetic Loop System 60s style :wink: :wink:
  10. 'kin 'ell there's a blast from the past! My grandma used to take me in there when I was a nipper - full of surplus kit, I seem to remember? Uniform, furniture, all sorts.
  11. Think you've got your maths slightly wrong. 16,000,000/12,000 = £1333.33 each
  12. Uncles used to have a boat and boathouse in Mutton Cove - spent many happy hours there. The land between the cove and King Billy's statue was known to us as "the air force", because there was a barrage balloon site there in WWII.
    Bogey Knights must've furnished half of Devonport when the big post-war rebuilding took place !!
  13. Awesome, he's still going and has a website!

    I spent every weekend at the cove and all summer long. Used to love playing in the harbour at low tide and jumping in at high tide. Looks like the pools have changed a bit - the free pool has gone.

    I reckon this is where my love for the mob started you know. Watching ships going in and out (Leanders, mostly). I can still remember the anticipation of seeing the sillouette of a ship going across the breakwater, then watching it appear behind Devils Point.

    Eagle was the backdrop in the Hamoaze then Ark after Eagle was scrapped.

    I'm going all misty eyed.... :crying:

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