Navy News Naval Strike Wing find it's good to be back on Ark

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. i miss those days onboard - like a hole in the head.

    you dont join the FAA to go to sea.

    you join the FAA to stay in hotels around the world.
  2. Re: Navy News Naval Strike Wing find it's good to be back on

    The thread title is a lie, but not as big a lie as this one.
  3. Seconded!!! :D
  4. Losers! How could you not like getting outrageously shatfaced every single night, shagging naive young (female) members of the ships company, pocketing the sea pay and trashing someone elses mess?

    I love sea, and I especially love CVS jollies as an embarked squadron. Good times!
  5. What did you do within the RN MLP?
  6. I am the RN.
  7. Please replace FAA with JFH for a true reflection........ :lol:
  8. Again seconded!! :D

    Hotel loyalty cards coming out of my ears!!!
  9. alright - i did like cvs really. especially the getting on late and off early bit.

    and the early scran every day even when not going on watch.

    and trashing the relevant po's mess - glitter ball, fridge door, cd throwing stars etc etc

    and the "partial tag/cag" sign on my door.

    but my best moment was being on board in marseille for a retard party mega quick ecu change and having a beer in the mess at 1600 whilst hoses were being run past me. even let the LMEM team leader tell me i was bang out of order,.

    apart from that they are shite. roll on the new carriers

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