Navy News: "Mighty O Sails Into Rio"

soleil said:
It said in the write up that she would be doing exercise with the Brazilian navy.
That don't seem fair, they've got more ships than us haven't they? 8O :D :D :roll:
Defence Diplomacy and Deterrence in action. There's a lot to be said for it despite those who attempt to denigrate it by using terms such as 'gunboat diplomacy' and 'Cold War mentality'.


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I love the description of the Commando exercises;

The commandos were joined by their Brazilian counterparts – 3rd Infantry Battalion, Amphibious Division – for the three-day joint exercise (beach landings, rapid roping from helicopters, lots of camo, green berets shouting “argh†with their best war faces – typical RM fare), while Ocean played host to Brazilian sailors BNS Rio De Janeiro.
flymo said:
Don't forget we need to stay friends with the Brazilians as they have found all that lovely oil off their coast.

Ah fuck the oil, just remember its coming towards Crimbo and we need the nuts.
And anyway if you want oil just nip round to Morrison's they've got stacks and Brazil ain't on our bus routes either.
Your friggin stupid you are. :? :)

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