Navy News: "Mask Task Becomes Easier With New Test Centre"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Does that mean I'll have to swap my S6?
  2. At least it's small and compact..... NOT!
  3. Looks like the new Septic one (M-50)
  4. Easier to use in ****'s rape van i suppose.
  5. Bloody right it is mate- The S10 has got a blind spot in the middle at very close range which makes it a nightmare to headbutt kids.
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  6. Is this the "been in development for a couple of years" because when they first made it the eye pieces fell out during the hot climate test when the glue melted??
  7. I saw it on ISSC in 2007 when they told me about the glue issue! When I went on ISSC this year they were singing the praise of it and didnt like me asking if it worked this time!
  8. You won't be needing one soon Jim, just remember where all the EBS masks are stowed ;-P

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