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Richie said:
Had a look at the “Navy News on line†tonight re: Navy News Jan 08 issue
– “Remembering the forgotten destroyer†– HMS Glamorgan

I remember the Glamorgan from ’82, she sailed past us (Hermes) on her way home, she had just finished “tidying up†after being hit by an Exocet, it was one of the most emotional episodes in my life. We (Hermes ships company) had fire hoses out and were chucking spuds, apples and anything else that wasn’t tied down. To see the damage up close was very sobering as we all new we had had considerable protection. I am sure it was the chefs mess and the hanger that took the brunt of the casualties/damage to all those who never came home. May you all rest in peace.
See p16 June 2008 Navy News - throughly excellent read.
Glamorgan has special memories for me not only was she the leader of the three musketeers (Arrow,Alacrity) but my two mates Brian Hinge and Mark Henderson where killed on there one of the saddest days of my life


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Great pics on the centre pages - love the one of the Harrier taking off in the rain!! Its a Photoshop special!!


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Very glad people enjoyed the features. We get rather more brickbats than bouquets :D

We are blessed with some wonderful pictures from the RN official phots and we've decided that using one big is better than using lots of little ones. The one of the Somerset CO looks stunning over two pages (although I may be a little biased :) )
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