Navy News: "Gr8 Results from Dauntless"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. I'll be more impressed if they did an article on the missiles going Woosh! Bang!!!!

    Maybe the evolution is designed to put off the bad guys by making them dizzy so they'll crash into the oggin as the ship can't shoot them down?
  2. :roll: :roll: Dauntless, not her older sister, which will fire a Sea Viper missile – the class’ primary weapon – for the first time. :wink: :wink: Could one off the Grown ups, explain this conundrum!!!!!!
  3. A decision was taken that we didn't need to do expensive wasteful live firings, but could get everything necessary from simulation and modelling instead: so the T45 firing plan was cut to the bone and beyond. (And over on the Sea Wolf Mid Life Update, at one point it was going to be accepted with no live firings...)

    The civil servants and some SO1/SO2s protested, but the Admiral said he knew best... and here we are today.
  4. Does anyone bother with the crap that the Navy News pedals.
  5. Makes you wonder if there has been a foul up on the Daring somewhere that makes it difficult for her to fire ......
  6. "Gr8 Results from Dauntless" - they said the same thing about TITANIC no doubt.

  7. I think the older sister was maybe a reference to the old HMS Dauntless which was the WRNS training establishment.

    They shot a fair few vipers out of that main gate :D
  8. PMSL :wink: Slim we be along shortly :roll: :roll:

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