Navy News: "First Class Send-Off for HMS Nottingham"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Served aboard her twice and she was a great old girl and I have many fond memories.

    Where was my invite as ships company past then? :)
  2. Nottingham 'Rocks'
  3. Always wanted a draft to her (Harry Homers and all), but had to settle for the Brum and Glos. Another 42 bites the dust.


  4. My first draft, 1988 to 1991. Another of my old ships becomes razor blades.
  5. I joined her for the first time in Sep 91, where you still on there then? CHOPS(R) was Eddie Booth.
  6. Was that before or after the she was FIGS and the skipper was removed?
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    2004. A hoofin' ship... :salut:
  8. So that’s just 5 ships left in the Fleet with a functioning area air defence capability.
  9. I am sure there are some old Seacat missiles somewhere if there is an emergency. :lol:
  10. A friend of mine was at the De Commissioning Ceremony and says it was a very moving occasion attended by many former members of Notty's Ships Company and reps from all her affiliated units/schools/other services/civic organisations/Sea Cadets etc. It was extremely sad to see the White Ensign lowered for the last time as the Royal Marine Band played "sunset". Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach (CDS during Corporate), whose wife Lady Leach launched Notty 30 years ago and was the ships sponsor until she passed away, was there, aged 86! By all accounts a very good send off for a fine ship. Apparently DAUNTLESS was berthed next to Notty - out with the old -in with the new!

  11. Don't worry!

    There will be 12, sorry 9, sorry 6 Type 45s along soon to replace the capability being lost.

    I would add an emoticon at this point, but it is all too sad and short sighted.
  12. You would've been on her when she was outside us on the Glasgow for Xmas duties in 98.
  13. I was too and was duty on Xmas eve as the Duty PO.
  14. I was duty too
  15. I cannot remember you mind. You must have been either the duty MESR or WESR if you were duty on Xmas Eve.
  16. Weren't you on the Newcastle 97-98???
  17. Oh no I was duty BM on the gangway fella. I was only an OM
  18. Doh, I should have sussed that looking at your avatar photo badge. :oops: :lol:

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