Navy News: "Farewell to the Mk6 Sea King"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, May 17, 2010.

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  1. What will those wafus fly instead?
  2. The Mk4 Junglies were undergoing a major avionic upgrade, so the converted ‘pingers’ proved to be imporant gap fillers. :D
  3. Good riddance!!
  4. :roll: :roll: Easy Easy Steady!!!! Great Machine and nearly as good as the old Wessexs :wink:
  5. Be hard to chose between the Wessex and the Seaking!

    Of course you can't beat the Wasp and it's single engined safety!!!!!!
  6. Yep i had nearly forgotten about that!! :roll: and the one from the previous commission ended up in the oggin :roll: [​IMG]
  7. For any other junglies on thought you guys would like to know that the Wessex that sits outside of 848 as a Squadron 'Guardian' is being moved tomorrow to take up a new posting outside the wardroom.
  8. Re: Wessex Move

    Is this going to be a permanent move? Or just because the stand at 848 is falling to bits. If so it's going to make it hard for VIP cars to turn round at the "VIP only" drop off point - Shame.
  9. We are not sure if it is going to be a permanent move, there is a veterans reunion coming up, Malasyia and Falklands, so it's parked up next to the Mast.

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