Navy News: "DIY Makeover for Caledonia"

scouse said:
Zoidberg said:
The food up there was sh!te :lol:
10 times better than were your next draft is TIM (HMS Raleigh) :lol: :lol: PS Language Timothy :wink:
Mmmmm Traf Galley.

I wonder if the really fat guy with thick glasses and black rubber gloves still works there.

He looked a bit like this:
Ahh Trafalgar Galley.
I will never forget during my basic,the ripe juicy slug hiding under a lettuce leaf on another sprogs salad.
Weird tasting brews am sure they put something in it!!!!!!!!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Doesnt look very different from late last year, will head there for scran at some point and see if its realy changed much.

As for the food it used to be better than raleigh however PAYD finaly caught up and its probably going to head down hill.

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